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Web Dev Matters and Me

Overall optimization

At first, I only thought that this applies most at Back-End, but actually an overall task that needs to be done.  In case of websites (except stateless) needs overall optimization: (based on my exp)

-prevent unnecessary object creation. (Consider re-use, Singleton class to hold global variables)
-don't develop with the purpose of using design patterns. Use design pattern where applicable.
-unnecessary try ? catch ? would affect performance.

-1st thing to be considered. most of the time, the bottleneck
-don't make unnecessary select (overused *). just take out the fields that you need.
-dont forget to close connection when not needed.

-cache the output for non-dynamic files
-static & dynamic compression, gzip
-optimize external files (js, css)
-consider sprite-technique on CSS layout (example : 足掛かり.com uses sprite techniques that changing CSS class wouldn't require another download)
-un-comment and compress JS and CSS


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