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Web Dev Matters and Me

Current cravings for development

Lately, I'm doing a series of RnD. These involves facebook integration, few optimization in IIS 6/7.x and some UI considerations, thanks to HTML5, CSS3 , javascript and some SVG things as well.

For the FB integration, it was really simple in concept, quite intimidating at first. FB uses OAuth as a mean of authentication. This means developers doesn't have to store private informations (like user password), they just require an access token, something that grants them specific permission given by users of their appliction. This token can do lots of things on behalf of the user.

No one can stop facebook from growing now. I think everyone is already hooked with facebook, so developing something inline with FB's graph API is a good choice, IMO.

After few handshake process, a token must be stored and can be re-used. post to friends's wall, like something, etc.


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