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Web Dev Matters and Me

I wish I can gamble, so I can have a chance for you..

I'm enjoying (or enduring) a look weekend now, thanks to the current administration who declared "Chinese New Year" a special non-working holiday. Although it was good for my tired body, it is torment for my mind, as PSE is at holiday too (-_-;).

I'm loaded with things to do. I'm working on my website, and just considered to make it a little bit dependent to file system, since I won't be paying extra bucks for server power. At times, I would take time to step out to gym, train a little sweat-break exercise and sweat more in sauna and take hot shower afterwards. 

Stock-wise, I unloaded my PNB for 64.2. I bought it for 59.5, which gave me about 8% of my capital (around 2-3 weeks holding period). I'm still holding LCB, altough it is already giving me an eyesore @ almost 5% loss.

NI is tempting, but that's what we can expect to a JAP stock, the strings are attached to the best jock player in PSE. It went from 5.5 to 6.67 in a day, even with high RSI. In short, it was too hot to handle.

Keeping my LCB loss, I decided to buy PX which just breaked the triangle. I'm expecting this stock to trade soon at 27-30 level (current was 23.1).

PD : 80% in PX, 20% in LCB.


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