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Web Dev Matters and Me

Investing More Fun in the Philippines (^_^)

After months of researching, reading technical analysis books and some experience, I'm fortunate enough  to learn trading. (^_^).

The market saying about "Don't touch what you do not know" is true. There were times that I've made some mistakes in trades, like buying when the news already is out and the buyers on rumors stage are already enjoying their gains. I've also made mistake by selling prematurely and also left my sell order only to find out that the stock price have gone really higher.

 Although, there are times that I buy on HI, most of my buy now are on LOW or at least below the median of the range. So far, at the time of writing this post, I haven't made a big loss. Probably my biggest loss in trading was -5% and that provoked me to learn how to cut my losses, though it is hard.. but it is a MUST in every trader...  Although I may have gained more if I only knew how to cut losses back then, the experienced I gained is priceless.

I'm able to develop a small web app that helps me decide my trades. By reading technical analysis books, I just made some algorithm to detect patterns in the trade price. Sure, traders would say that they like to see graphs, candlesticks, etc.. but we can also use the numbers and have some codes to alert us of the trend or reversal.

So, for now.. I'm enjoying my gains... I'm not an expert trader, but my skills will help me to do a good trade. (^_^). I'm not still up to play basura stocks, but will consider someday..... I'm still happy making myself busy at work and investing my money.


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