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Web Dev Matters and Me

Apply for NBI clearance and waste time and money?

Since I would be joining another company and one of the requirements is to get a NBI clearance, I went thru all the process of waiting in lines for hours, only to be tag on their HIT list (01/18/2012). So, I was told to return there at Feb. 1, 2012. 

It was really a hassle and for me I think it is a waste of time, but because companies require their employees to submit these worthless papers, these people are playing gods taking out time from people while living a lux life using everyone's taxes...

So, I returned on Feb. 1, 2012. I went there really early at 7AM and wait until 9AM (it was supposedly 8AM, but they don't do transactions...). Only to be told that, there was a delay because of Chinese New Year - a special holiday. So I was asked to return Feb. 2, 2012..

Again, I was helpless as my time was taken from me..... not to mention that I am really busy performing KT to my to-be ex-co workers, but I am also running out of time to get other clearances..
So, once again I went early today (Feb. 2, 2012) and after staying in the line (yes, even during receiving), they just took my receipt and stamped something on it, then I was asked to go to NBI Taft, Manila.... Anong klaseng kalokohan to?! Hindi na rin bago na na HIT list ako, bakit lagi na lang ganito? Ni hindi ko nga kapangalan yung tao na nasa list nila.!!!!  Nakakainis na, yung mga taong katulad ko na nagtatrabaho sa IT/BPO industry ay naaabala ng ganito, sa laki ng TAX na kinakaltas sa sahod, ganito pa?? 

BULOK talaga!!!! nakakainis lang....
Excuse me for the word, but this is my opinion and we are living in a democratic country...

Actually, napapaisip tuloy ako. Nung nag join ako sa company na aalisan ko, wala naman sakin kinuha na NBI clearance, pero naka join ako. Hindi ba kayang magbayad ng investigator ng isang company para malaman kung merong record ang isang tao or wala??


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