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Web Dev Matters and Me

War concerns in Iran gives the market a split views

The market (PSE) once again declined today. We're seeing reds and OIL stocks are not an exception, even if the oil price is hitting really high.

I bought OV at .053 last week, and added a little today for .05, was observing the market sentiment today and my instinct told me to cut loss early, so I sold all at .05.

Seems I got it right, the price slides down to .048 at the time of posting.

The all high and mighty UBP also beaten too much today, it was on top of losers, 135 / sh yesterday, 117 on the last time I checked it.

WIN and PHES seems to have bounced right today. Araneta seems to be on hi since last week, I wonder how long it would sit there.

PNB once again hit 70 today, but slods back to 68+. I guess many tsupiteros are playin this stock.

Still updating the layout for a site I'm designing. Who says those who dev with web front end can't dev on web back end?


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