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Web Dev Matters and Me

Hot summer for Philippines in coming days

Lately, it was getting a bit hot from the cozy weather here in Philippines, and in almost everywhere people are enjoying their Magnum ice-cream, to the point that it is almost sold out in any groceries.

I don't have much trade these days as I'm busy working on a web application I've designed in a Model-View-Presenter (MVP) approach. I did a honest estimate there, but the budget was unfortunately trimmed by  23%, so I had to exert additional effort, although my body doesn't want it... (-_-;) (guess that's life for us sofware developers). 

I had to make this web app, a screen that can search and display results, a screen to view detailed information about an item and allows a user to edit an item, and an admin screen to perform maintenance task.

Using MVP pattern helped me simplify the development, and also enabled me to boost my confidence on it, since I can perform Unit Testing even the UI part. Development is pretty easy too, define the Views, Models and couple them in the Presenter. I only took some time on the asp.net related part, although not that hard. I also isolated the data access and the service layer, just in case it will be deployed as some application in the future. I also took time to make custom UI plugins. good thing there's jQuery and some creative imagination.

For my trading side of life, OV dropped from last 0.057 to 0.048 . That's 15.78% and I'm sure many people got shocked by these movements. I also feel a bit of fear so I sold and re-entered some position, only to find out that I entered with less stocks I originally owned, although I gained money, but they can't add up to positions anymore. MACQ bought a lot and made the stock price at 0.054. I think the operations at GALOC site will resume pretty soon. As of the writing, I have most of my positions here (millions of shares). I'm able to add some at 0.05-0.052, it should have been at 0.048-0.049, but since COL didn't update on time, it was 0.052 at the time my balance is updated, that's life for me. :(

 MAKE (the merged Maybank- the malaysian bank & ATR Kim Eng -the foreign broker) also rallied, at 6/sh I'am already keen on buying it. I bought a board lot just to test. it went 11-12, then shake everyone to 9, resumed to 12 and now 26. I guess ATR Kim doesn't like CitisecOnline users (COL boys as termed by forum members) in their boat. I'm still very bullish on this, probably can hit 30-40 /sh this week, now that PSEI stays at 5k.

PNX is also moving slowly up. On March 23, the 50% dividend will be granted. There might be a lot of traders for dividend play here, but I hope it doesn't drop the price too much.

As for PNB and the merger story. Just a day before March 6 (for the amended stockholders meeting), a news was spread that the merger should not be allowed to proceed, since it will hurt PH economy (duh)... This made PNB shares drop from 70+ to 65+ per share, then after few days, it went back to 70 and closed at 72.5. I hope they would penalize those people who put up these stories. I'm sure there are many people who are bullish on PNB, but lose their money on the process.

The family feud related stock (LMG), hits 2+ and made a graceful bounce.

JFC just jumped again from 101-120, then 119.. If I bought these from 89 last january, it was already around 25% gain, and this is a blue-chip. I might consider a cost-averaging plan on this one, if it would consolidate a little. If one will just look at how bullish JFC was, even on the times of recession, JFC is a low-risk, high-reward investment.

I think stocks will break new records of high in the coming days :)


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