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Web Dev Matters and Me

Patterns??? In stocks and work???

I've got lots of sideways price action in most of my portfolio now, but most of them do equally have good things in them.And what do they have in common? Company mergers. 

PNB's merger might not be a news anymore. On March 6, there would be a stockholders meeting to finalize the merger. PGOLD on the other hand has a study of merging with sister company S&R (for those who are not aware of S&R, it is a shop much like of Macro). RLC also has a merger with Robinson's INN Inc and Robinsons Realty and Management Corporation (both are owned 100% by Robinsons).

I'm in a bullish look with OV now, and given the opportunity, I would shift most of my money back to OV again. Actually, I was on alert last Friday due to some hearsays about institutional investors hoping to OV for dividend play. I didn't see the price decline last friday, which was also the Ex-Date for OV. This is a good sign that everyone is looking for a long time investments in OV.

As for PNX, still no news about the 50% stock dividend. UBP on the other hand announced the 3PHP/sh dividend on March 8. Also, MER got into my eyes when they announced a 4.1PHP/sh dividend and 51% equity participation in rockwell land stocks, ex-date of both on March 20. My personal Risk/Reward assessment is that, MER is a low-risk investment with pretty good rewards for medium/long term investment.

On my development life, a friend ask me about the common OOP design patterns. I'm able to share a custom pattern I've used for quite some time and he was amazed about it. I told him it was really simple and my friend seems to be enthusiastic to learn more about it, so I asked him if he would be interested to join me in my personal dev tasks. Maybe he will find out that I'm pushing more effort on my dev tasks than what I'm required to do in work. I hope he can catch up with all those design principles and help himself in future dev works.

One of the patterns I suggested to him is the MVP pattern. Using this pattern allows a flexible and maintainable solution. You can design the Model, lace it with business rules or put it on different solution as desired, create custom views which are not dependent to any specific project type and create the Presenter that will couple all your Views to Model, vv. Abstraction can be applied as much as possible.


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