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Web Dev Matters and Me

a sudden change of heart?

Whew, after a super-busy week I'm am now able to write some post here. All the dev task at hand with almost impossible requirements gets done, thanks to the power of coffee, I'm able to hack myself and complete it.

Still related to the previous task I've done, the client side solution I provided was completely dumped, so I have to find another solution, which leaves me either to manually alter all the html pages and add some identifier there, like the rch group of attributes (ROFL), or to parse it dynamically thru code, so it will be the time when it runs on the nightly process..

I won't like to manually alter the pages, not only that it will take some time, but it is also not practical to do... Everytime a new file comes in, you have to alter it manually. I'm not a zombie that caters to all their request too, and just say "...yes, I will do it...".. we're living in a world of interactions.

So, what are my options? read each line, and put up a good regex there? might be.. but I would prefer if I can just select those things, just like I did in the jQuery plugin I developed.. Fortunately, there are some talks about some HTMLAgility pack... Took some reading into it, selectors worked wonders, but when I alter the code, duh.... it doesn't work... (-_-;)... that's why it is an unfinished project... 

I almost gave up.. I've drank coffee as if, it is my daily water intake.. and then, figured out to just use the pack's selectors and perform the old school replace (though in code), and have it overwrite the file.. Fortunately, it works.. but just a few minutes of deployment, I was asked if I can do something about the boxes? 

Boxes!????  I checked the deployed app to see small boxes that doesn't appear like boxes in IE Dev tool or in firebug... Aha, so it is the encoding!  somewhere in the html, there's a meta that declares windows-1250, have altered it, still no good.. so maybe it is on the file format itself... added few lines, and things got better.  Until the BA saw a page and asked me, can we trim the first column a little bit, puhleassee? 

Uh oh, sounds like trouble.... I injected another set of stylesheets , but to no avail.. i even traced almost each element by border... didn't helped me.. Then, I checked it (the file), only to see a malformed part that closes the parent tag prematurely... this week was really stressful, especially when someone talks to you, claims to be listening but actually hearing my words in on left-ear, out on right-ear... 

so much for my web-dev life, and almost none for my trading life.... oh, actually I've added more OV stocks..  PNX was a shocker... after closing the day at 14.62, it opened at 9.74, that's almost 30% decline. This is the aftermath of 50% stocks dividend. I still have my PNX stocks at hand, and probably leave it like that. 

I also got myself some Ionic's Inc (ION) stocks. They declared a 100% stock dividend. I think it might goes like what happened to PNX, but still I won't be needing that money at the moment, so I'll just leave it there and forget it. ION is on semi-conductor industry btw.

I also got myself some ATS( Aboitiz Transport System Corp.) 2GO ( 2GO GROUP, INC) stocks. I have a feeling that some broker house is manipulating it though *cough* COL *cough* (whoops! *caveat*). 

I might add some OV again, given on it's current price and the GALOC achievements, this would most likely go up in coming months.

I might have my trench-coat, suits dry-cleaned soon, buy some casual clothing, and prepare a list of to bring back. I hope my teikiken is still active after 2 years.


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