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Web Dev Matters and Me

easter sunday..

Mall was probably crowded after having long holidays (including the mall operations).

I was busy updating my site templates.. and have myself review all the xslt templates I've done. I almost re-write some of the templates, and good thing I'm able to see the old templates location which had all the formatting I had in mind. *grins*

UI should have been easier if I would be writing the code directly, but unfortunately this is just for a short term. If I decide to change the layout again in the future, I might end up messing the site up and adding the site offline html for long periods... not to mention the site's domain renewal is flooding me for reminders... 

 Is it me or time runs faster? I remember that I slept at 4AM and left bed around 10AM. I took a meal at 3PM and realized I just ate my dinner at 8PM. I'm updating the UI/XSLT templates all day? Looking at the layout gives me a bit of satisfaction, but also tells me that there are many things to be done :( .... guess the people who said they are interested to participate on my web development project forgot to do what they committed to me :( too bad, they don't know what experience they are missing...

I better get something to eat and probably call it a day now.. body seems tired.


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