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Web Dev Matters and Me

Long holiday break

We just enjoyed a long holiday break here in Philippines. While I enjoyed sleeping a bit longer than normal days, it also means a boring day since the stock market is also closed on holidays, but still this helped me devote my time to web development again.

I had a bit of problem deploying in IIS 7.0 . Well, I've been using IIS 7.0 in my personal site for almost 2 (maybe turning 3) years and I'm pretty sure that ASP.NET should be able to see all requests when the application pool is configured to run on Integrated Pipeline Mode. One of advantage of IIS 7.0 is that, it saves you some time configuring all the file paths handlers. Unlike the old days in IIS 6 below, you have to manually add the type of file and browse it (ISAPI). Either-way should work fine, but of course technology is there so use it.

 Juggling should be left done by acrobats. Juggling tasks often leads to mistakes. I can't believe I even made mistakes not to grant access to an SP a SSRS report uses and even had the SP overwritten when a new column was asked to be added there.. *sigh* And the hell week doesn't end there, I also had an SSIS task that was 100% working on the test server, but failed in the live server where it is scheduled as a sql job. Weird thing is that, the first day it had an error, it was complaining about a file it cannot delete... it again had some error and to my surprise, a different one.

reading here somehow gave me an idea,


but it was solved by someone... but glad it was fixed, although I really want to fix it myself :(

Now, I'm just thinking of UI ideas and was modifying my xslt templates. It was quite some time when I updated these templates. 

As for stock market, the I requested for some GT Capital stocks for reservation. The stock price was 455/share, so I assume it is at 10 board lot. I hope I can get some stocks for this. I'm also eyeing for EastWest bank.

It was really hot now, and sometimes I can't just get enough focus... so sometimes I resolve to playing shadow era on my phone.. 

2 more days to finish my templates....


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