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Web Dev Matters and Me

Is this a google error?

Hehe, I don't really mind if it snow on summer, but seriously this is some error.

5E0 4L60R1THM - 自分の実験解析

a. To be listed under a textbox with fluctuating numbers

since they are multiple domain controller, the efficiency of this depends on the amount of queries done for a particular value. a proof of this is that, the value for a US "Tokyo Webdeveloper" (without qoutes) is not the same for the same value in JP or PH, for example.

b. To be included ..

since this is just a matter of 0's and 1's, there is no way of checking the usefulness value of pages without reading it one by one, which is impossible. Without voting sites involved, the only thing to check the value is how much you say about it.At this point, it doesn't matter if you are talking about trash or something, since at this point in time, quantity wins over quality, of course until later. Proof of this, 1 in their free rant about life services + 2 in their free exhibition yourself services

c. To have your components under you, blue underlined.

this involves the user logs. how many times this path is accessed? if they would just go this area after entering the door, would it be just great to make a door that will just take them to their location easily. It doesn't matter if you are not that highly profiled, but if people checked for your house, they should be able to see it and the doors created for it (if they have many visitors)

d. To have that long textbox under your components

since your house is too big, it would be hard to simply make doors for all those rooms. How about we just ask them what do they want and simply open a door for them leading to that search term?

e. To get alias...

this is easy... history of miserable failure. there could be changes, but I think that is just to find, if these suits him as he said he was, OK.. if not, trash it

And it is easy to just apply workarounds for others.. ^_^

I hope you understand. It has to be a riddle, but very common,

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