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Web Dev Matters and Me

Week Ending November 30, December 1

It is no doubt that Philippines economy is slowly climbing up. Thanks to the effort of current administration that corruption is slowly being dealt properly. The growth of economy can be attributed to the government and people. It is a reflection of everyone's hope to reclaim Philippines as one of Asia's wealthy country. So, Philippines should speak slowly and carry a big stick on island disputes...

That said, this week has lots of events too.

XSLT and SEO - an actual result

...few months ago, we deployed an XML-XSLT website that contains rich data content. There are rumors that it doesn't do much in SEO. Since we can't just accept something unless we tried it ourselves, we decided to deploy a version of a blog website....

Commotion with BHI and SMC???

For those who might be wondering where in BHI disclosure is it, it was on the map... You cant find it because not even an airport is included in the PDF disclosure. it was an image after all...

...market portfolio

bought yesterday
FOOD (1.99)
bought today
GREEN 0.024
APM 0.128
OV 0.04

there seems to be a good news for APM....alcorn gold resources to be changed to Cosco?

Doesnt really interest me... Could this be a SELL on news?? whatever it is, i follow a trading discipline...

I will sell when it hits my target, be it gaining or losing

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