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Web Dev Matters and Me

Using MVP Pattern + XSLT

I just finished developing my web framework in MVP and now, it is time to do work on the client side. XSLT made the missing piece I want for my website complete. Using this, data will be presented in pure XML, which means datas on the website can be easily re-used on different platforms, and even javascript too, which is nice.

This doesn't limit my site to just have a passive view. I can still have all those input fields and accept all those user input datas, yet my site will be in XML form, web crawlers can easily see my site, no unnecessary SEO paranoia things, hehe.

All this facts leaves me to one last task, mapping each request in IIS to make those URLs pretty to search engines.


I tried some dynamic XSLT approach, Chrome is OK, IE is OK (even 6.0), but FF (3.5 and 4.0)gives an error... I think I need to make a good re-write rule to trick FF that the xsl file referenced is a static one.

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