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Web Dev Matters and Me

Improving loading speed

Last time, I posted about using Google's new tool that can help you analyze if your page needs further optimization. There are many reason to do it. First would be, the bandwidth space would be less than usual data transfer. This will be good since users won't have to wait a long time just to see your page and will also cost you less about site bandwidth (high-traffic websites).

First, it will ask you to complete the following suggestions.

and if you do what they suggested, you should get an optimized page, something like this...

which I think is cool. Way better if you serve many people and if you reference your SRCs wisely, chances are they don't have to download all those images, and just depend on HTML data. That's how it is designed and the web consortium designed it like that, to provide an easy, yet convenient way to communicate data over internet.

80% before deployment..

It's been weeks since I started the web project. So, now I'm in semi-testing, debug and fix mode. Every pictures now has the dynamic text I wanted plus rendering optimizations, which will improve once I uploaded it to the server, something faster than the development machine I'm using now. Also, I picked few SNS bookmarks, although there is hatena for japanese related contents. I'll consider adding it, after checking a week of web traffics.

I decided to just use on a flat database compared to the MS SQL 2008 DB (which is really small, so stiff that I have to develop an algorithm to just use 100MB of MS SQL DB as a buffer and rely on the physical storage as a database, thru an access file). It works as I expected until I decided to just keep the MS SQL 2008 DB for webservice that I might use in the future (probably for costing ads or review things...).

And URL encoding.. I know I should have, but for some reasons, I didn't (purposely)...

before asking me, please search in google for these words.

生産,seisan,produce, makejapanese sentence patterns |sayinjapanese

and, see the results while putting your attention on the "GREEN URL" part.

if you don't get it, just try making a sitemap with text like that and submit it to google, then try to fetch it as a googlebot. try it. it would be best if you do..

Just a few days more... I hope I can grab my credit/debit soon so I can up this as soon as possible. The worst case scenario is that, all banks will be close until January next year.....

Philippine banks' PayPal codes

Took a while to search for the list so I can integrate my paypal account to a local bank.

9 digit bank code


Access as DB

in a website that I've been coding for weeks, I really need a DB to store site contents and pictures, unfortunately, the webhosting company charges more for less DB space (100 MB is my only option since I don't want to spend more). the disk space is 1GB.

then I looked at my VAIO P, it is 256GB and the RAM is 2GB, but still it is fit enough for development task. I had a thought of using the 100MB MSSQL 2008 DB space as a buffer and take advantage of the storage space using access DB.

with this, I can deploy the CMS of the website, be a web application or even a windows application. I can make the data model isolated and make a web service to invoke actions that will transfer data from the buffer to the access storage. of course, I need to make several files and I have to be sure to make backups as much as possible since access DB is much prone to be corrupted than SQL DBs.

just a little bit more.. I can't wait but it is also hard to type when your fingers get numb... (I'm starting to hate winter....)

Facebook hijacked?!

Whenever I type facebook URL in GoogleChrome or even click on google SERP, I always arrive here. Take note of the URL. It seems like a web design company in India... tried clearing the cookies, but it is still there.....

Targeting appropriate encoding

Writing web applications/website is easy and I can understand why other people can commit to do it in 10 straight days, but that is because they only focus on one language application/site. Eventually you will deal with a multilingual requirement that requires you to check against encoding.

Sometimes, just specifying the code below will not save you
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=(yourtarget encoding)">

so, here are the things you must consider, especially for dynamic pages.

1. Check or specify an encoding for your output.
on asp, you can specify codepage = number, example 932 for SHIFT-JIS

2. If not dynamic page, try to save the file in that encoding.

you can edit the page, re-save it, and use the "UTF-8" encoding.

3. specify the html attribute lang.
it will not help much in formatting, but at least help search engine bots to find and
determine the content of your site/application.

4. Check the font.

There are also times that, it is the font family that you're using that prevents the text to be rendered properly. For example,

日本 will be displayed as 日口 when using Copperlate Gothic Light.

5. Encode URL if you're using it as a link.

Since it will be used as a link, it will be passed in URL, and since the URL cannot accept non-ascii characters, there are possibilities of error. There won't be any problems in the SEO since, google can detect and convert them as the original text.
Url encoding will guarantee that a string will be passed correctly.

Another tool from Google. Page Speed Tool

By checking all the website I manager from fetching pages in googlebot's perspective, I noticed a new beta tool called Page Speed tool. I think google is always finding ways to improve web user's experience on the internet, and one of the factors that can ruin (piss, annoy, yell, tantrum, etc) a user is page loading time.

When I first learned my HTML (I was 15 years old, that time), displaying webpages thru frames is just a new thing and almost seen it everywhere. that time, if you understand HTML, you can be a web programmer (and a plus if you know javascript). All you have to do is, put your contents, put links, put images, put "Sorry, this site/section is under construction" sign, put noframes, noscript, etc... you just put everything, as in without consideration of user experience.

But now, if you still use that, it is like you didn't improve yourself for a long time. I don't want to sound mean, but when I see websites done using the Javascript preload method, I can assess their skill. Actually, I don't hate the javascript preload image way , in fact I used it many times, but that was when I was 15 years old, way back 11 years ago. I mean, if they want to pre-load images, just use CSS and preload the images there.

But still, that is like yesterday... I'm just fixing some last minute requirements (my cravings), for a website that I'll upload soon, and I really want to use this new Google Page Speed tool.

Page Speed tool seems to give your site a good diagnostic test and tips.
But in short, the only solution to this is to keep your files , as much as possible , limited.
On my site, I will just use 2 picture for the site layout and the other things will be from database. This technique is called "sprites", and no, before you open your mouth and let your soul go out, let me interrupt you that, this isn't a new technology. In fact, it was really really old, it was done as even earlier than you've seen Street Fighter or even Super Mario your NES (Family Computer).

Since you would minimize bandwidth usage by preventing browsers to download and download files, your site will load faster. If your website loads faster, your contents can be read faster, and (depending on your site) understand what you would like them to know. I know first impression is important, and last impression is lasting, but that is not the case when your page visitor doesn't even know you or in any way curious about you.

Great tool. Don't take my word for it. Use it and decide if your site is slow or not.

Difference between HttpInputFile and HttpPosted file.

while developing a new website and CMS where I need to manage uploaded files, I realized that the rchLibrary I wrote (idea from my previous work,and created a new version) only deals with the HttpInput file. To my knowledge I already coded an easy uploader for managing the uploaded files and checking the binaries, until I prefer to use the HttpPosted one.

Both are classes for uploads, with the first one, available on ASP.NET. But when you deal files , and you have to make ASP.NET controls for every file you need to upload... it will just make your application messy. (Well, ASP.NET is still a drag and drop, even those without solid experience in web development can still use it.).

But, using the HttpPosted file class will make your web app more flexible. All you have to do is to collect all the files posted and add them per posted file. You can also easily convert the stream to byte, and soon landing your database .

Saving Table structure in MS SQL 2008 not permitted

Once you created a datatable in MSSQL 2008, and later decided to modify the table,it will prompt you that saving is not permitted because the changes you just did requires the current table to be dropped and re-created (OMG!).

Actions that invoke this behavior involves adding new columns, changing the order of columns, or column data type).

Fortunately, you cna just unset this behavior by checking on Tools menu > Options and Designers then Table & database designers. Just un-check the checkbox "prevent saving changes that require the table to be re-created". and everything should be OK.

Galaxy JS error and redirect loop @ yahoo

lately, yahoo mail is weird. checking mails would end up in the screen above, after a series of redirection in Javascript ( as i'Ve seen it change in the address bar many times).

and switching to classic view can at least make it usable, good thing they implemented their mail application without relying 100% to javascripts. but, suffers from the above (redirection loop).

is this a sign that yahoo is being hacked or someone just forgot to add ";" to their javascripts?

BUG in CSS 3.0?

I'm designing a layout for a blog I'm planning to setup and happen to notice this BUG. I'm not a real genius to CSS knowing all the properties without an API reference, but at least I know how it works. I carefully checked all the rules I've written, because this bug seem to freeze the hover, visited and other states.

What the bug does is that, it will ignore the states you apply on an element. It will remain on the default settings applied to it.

To have that scenario, you must reference your elements in hierarchy by many times. I wrote many CSS rules and access the elements in hierarchy, to get accurate at the cost of writing some element selectors over other. 

When I encountered this bug, I tested it in FF (3.5.5) and Google Chrome ( Both doesn't accept any rules I add, but once I remove some element.


<div class="gray">
<div class="postButtons">

<a href="#" class="postReadMore" >
<span class="left"></span><span class="linkto">READ MORE</span>

<a href="#" class="postReadOTH" >
<span class="right"></span><span class="linkto">日本語で読む</span>



.postReadMore span.linkto, .postReadOTH span.linkto


.gray .postButtons .postReadMore:hover,.gray .postButtons .postReadOTH:hover

border-top:solid 1px #CCC;
border-left:solid 1px #CCC;
border-right:ridge 1px #000;
border-bottom:ridge 1px #000;


.gray .postButtons .postReadMore:hover .left
background: transparent url(../rchImages/sprites.png) no-repeat scroll -274px -202px;


.gray .postButtons .postReadOTH:visited .right
background: transparent url(../rchImages/sprites.png) no-repeat scroll -274px -202px;


.gray .postButtons .postReadMore:visited .left
background: transparent url(../rchImages/sprites.png) no-repeat scroll 0px -202px;

.gray .postButtons .postReadOTH:hover .right
background: transparent url(../rchImages/sprites.png) no-repeat scroll 0px -202px;

using these will freeze the .readMore element to default, nothing happens on hover, on visited,
but, once I remove an element to the hierarchy 


.gray .postButtons .postReadMore:visited .left
background: transparent url(../rchImages/sprites.png) no-repeat scroll 0px -202px;


.gray  .postReadMore:visited .left
background: transparent url(../rchImages/sprites.png) no-repeat scroll 0px -202px;

thinks work now... this is not a matter of browsers, since I tried different browser and still it didn't worked. I tried to remove some element in selector, and both works...

I guess there is just a limit to anything. 

A step into Semantic Web - XFN

I just drop by few blogs and wondered what does XFN attribute is for. Curious about the unknown XHTML attribute that I'm really sure I've used well, I tried searching and found XNF site, that is relating websites. How to use it is as simple like this:

1. First, if you have a link (anchor), just add an attribute "rel on it.
2. The value of attributes are as follows (reference: http://gmpg.org/xfn/join)

<a href="http://mypartnersite.com/" rel="acquantance met co-worker">text for my co-worker site</a>

XFN quick reference
relationship category
XFN values
friendship (at most one):
friend acquaintance contact
co-worker colleague
geographical (at most one):
co-resident neighbor
family (at most one):
child parent sibling spouse kin
muse crush date sweetheart

3. Then, at your head tag, you must reference the XFN profile by adding an attribute "profile" and giving it a value of "http://gmpg.org/xfn/11" . and that's it. 
< head profile="http://gmpg.org/xfn/11" >

I'm just thinking that doing this will improve the Web 3.0 - Semantic Web, since it will have something to check whether sites are in what way related or not. That, I'll have to find out and see what happen next. ^_^

Twitter still under siege?

twitter is still under siege

Common functions in Web Development

Websites, Web Applictions, Web Services..,etc. While there are many aliases for them, the functions behind every web thing is very common, and once anyone get a clear understanding of these, they can fully develop their own class library in such a way that they don't have to repeat coding everything from scratch.

From my previous worked, I'm able to create class libraries that significantly improved the way I develop applications. Because these things doesn't need to be designed again, and just by taking the necessary parameters, all I have to do is to pass these informations, then everything is just like assembling a lego puzzle.

These are few to mention:

1. Mailer - Almost every website needs this. Feedback, comment, suggestions? All of them require mailing functionality. You can use it in your Contact Us sections, or even on your automated things, where you need to spend time sitting in front of PC just to get a track of something. How about tracking that task with a mailer so once it is completed, you'll just be notified with an e-mail? Very convinient, isn't it?

2. Encryption/Decryption - Who wants their data easily readable in ABC. These function needs a couple of parameters , like a few matching code, salt code, encryption algorithm and a few loop and you'll be playing cryptologist in no time. You'll often use this on password forms, and if you want even more, you can even encrypt a whole data table but you have to compensate that security with an extra pain in storage (you'll also make your DB Admin a bit mad). The good thing here is that, your data is safe unless they know the algorithm you use and the parameters involve. Don't play with this unless you know what you are doing. Else it is like putting papers on shredders.

3. Web Functions - GET, POST, Session, Cookies,Form, etc. They are repetitive so writing a class library saves time. I always feel comfort doing AJAX with this library since I don't have to make messy additional codes, but rather just pass a specific variable, and everything will be ajaxified back.

4. Streaming Data - Do you need to output data into tables, excel document or even pdf files? Then you must make a class that will handle all the data stream and perform output stream to each request. Since all data are basically binary streams, you can easily make a class that handle stream data and just perform specific control for each file types (using the mime).

5. String Manipulation - the very basics of programming. add it up with regular expressions and you got a very powerful control class.  While this might be basic, this saves me time. Millions of CDR needs to be parsed? No problem? Even a complicated task can be finished within minutes, depending on your computer.

6. Sounds - While this may be rare, doing so won't hurt. How about making a class that can invoke streamed data and output them to human audible sound. Not bad and I find it also interesting. (I just make my VAIO P speak up japanese words whenever I can't read some).

7. Network Related class- Imagine doing socket programming. What needs to be modified here is only a matter of port settings and few output preference. It can be easily done with a parameter that takes a port to open/listen and an output method to use.

And it is called Web Development. It may be hard at first but once you get a grasp of it, doing other things is just a matter of creative thinking and like exploring the back of your hand.

Is this a google error?

Hehe, I don't really mind if it snow on summer, but seriously this is some error.

5E0 4L60R1THM - 自分の実験解析

a. To be listed under a textbox with fluctuating numbers

since they are multiple domain controller, the efficiency of this depends on the amount of queries done for a particular value. a proof of this is that, the value for a US "Tokyo Webdeveloper" (without qoutes) is not the same for the same value in JP or PH, for example.

b. To be included ..

since this is just a matter of 0's and 1's, there is no way of checking the usefulness value of pages without reading it one by one, which is impossible. Without voting sites involved, the only thing to check the value is how much you say about it.At this point, it doesn't matter if you are talking about trash or something, since at this point in time, quantity wins over quality, of course until later. Proof of this, 1 in their free rant about life services + 2 in their free exhibition yourself services

c. To have your components under you, blue underlined.

this involves the user logs. how many times this path is accessed? if they would just go this area after entering the door, would it be just great to make a door that will just take them to their location easily. It doesn't matter if you are not that highly profiled, but if people checked for your house, they should be able to see it and the doors created for it (if they have many visitors)

d. To have that long textbox under your components

since your house is too big, it would be hard to simply make doors for all those rooms. How about we just ask them what do they want and simply open a door for them leading to that search term?

e. To get alias...

this is easy... history of miserable failure. there could be changes, but I think that is just to find, if these suits him as he said he was, OK.. if not, trash it

And it is easy to just apply workarounds for others.. ^_^

I hope you understand. It has to be a riddle, but very common,

Result after 1 week

I guess the web crawlers are working really hard that they manage to crawl to the site easily. Also, the pages will appear delicious to the bots, since it is catered to provide the information they need in a way they can easily understand

But good thing is that, even if it app.ears smashed in the address bar, it is properly displayed in the results page. So at this rate, the strength of the website can be determined by the amount of useful information provided, of course, made easy by MVC approach.

Recovering of Partition Table Information

One of the most nasty things happened while shrinking drives is this unreadable partition. Sometimes this also could happen, if you accidentally cleanED (using windows DISKPART) a disk. At first when I thought it was deleted, it is a 500GB hard disk, so you can imagine how much information it holds. I tried to get a cup of coffee and convinced myself that "Hey, it is not all deleted. No computer can delete such file size in a few seconds. If you want to delete a Hard Disk without a trace, you have to switch 1 and 0 per 8 bits of a byte of that 500 gigabytes." Thus, I decided to spend this night sleepless, trying to recover the data.

Searching on the internet is hard. I tried many softwares there, and sadly some are hijacked with virus, rootkits and some even tried to write a function after few months to mess my drive's partition table after uninstall. I also installed some "promising" softwares, but in the end they won't allow you to fix your partition table.

Good thing, I'm able to find this good tool called TestDisk. At first it is hard to use and after trying all those crapwares, I already lose hope, but TestDisk worked like a charm. From the damaged partition, it can even extract files back and also fix the partition that I accidentally cleanED using the diskpart tool. After analyzing the disk partition, it will write a new one and instruct you to restart it to take effect. On my case, it is a removable device. Simply unplug, plug, found new device and WHOA! the files are there.

and the best thing about this, it is FREE! Thanks to the genius behind this Open Source Project.

Self Generating Contents Website in less than 60 hours

I just challenged myself to make a simple website that will display Japanese verb conjugation. I think this site is very useful to improve vocabulary provided that one already recall some sentence patterns, then this would surely help them to even higher levels. This japanese fundamental learning tool is made less than 60 hours. Yes! you read it right. I did it alone, including the database, few SEO guidelines, planning, DEBUGGING (and I say hello to somee), few graphics and verb check up ,etc.


So, here is the plan. I do know the fundamentals of Japanese language, but to get even more better and fluent, I must improve my vocabulary and the only thing that comes in my mind is to improve retention. Past exams that I have taken proved me that, whenever anyone sees something in a timely fashion, then your mind will remember it, whether you like it or not. Much better if you would like it, though. So from this, I put up a list of all the verbs I can term as fundamental. Verbs in Japanese is as complicated as speaking the language.

I also need it, at the same time, want to share this to other people who might thinking of the same thing. Thus, this is where my web dev skills apply.

First I tried to search for free webhost, but unfortunately they only allow MS Access database (at least for a FREE account). They also don't have support to MVC, so I'll be downgrading few features based on the resources available to me.

I don't have much time, so I guess MVC approach suits this. There are patterns for each Japanese groups, to which few are exceptions.

I manually entered all the verbs, the conjugation and thought of some rules to make the conjugation automatic. there are 359 verbs in the access database, using MVC approach, I'm able to produce 359 verbs x 10 different conjugation + 3 verb groups x 359 verbs + 3 list page and 1 front page resulting to 5,015 different page views using 1 aspx.

It took me less than 60 hours to make a working copy on my local. This will be search engine friendly. By looking at the code, I think I did well. With just 1 ASPX file as my VIEW. I have an isolated MODEL that deals with the access database. There is a controller who will check which pages are requested, check the model, pass the data to view and return the data to site visitors.
Also, I mentioned search engine friendly. I made a function that outputs all the possible combinations of URL into sitemap. This is dynamically run, so I don't have to worry about it each time I made an update.

All worked perfectly until one thing I realized... the server is not as good as they claim to be..

They don't support url changing so, my controller class already failed. This made me review all the SEO books I know. I tried all the methods to make it work. Overall, I tried 3. (from Intellegencias code, to Global asax application start approach to even path convertion), but alas nothing work. So, I guess I have to make another trick. the leading "/". Now everything will appear as if it is 1 file.

so, one thing I'm sure of. If I get my credit card, I'll just buy a hosting, transfer all of it there and upgrade it to what I really planned.

It is really tiring to adjust to limitations , find solution than just to let money talk. But it was fun. Another experience that improved my skillset. And that less than 60 hours is not consecutive. I'm also a human being, I need to rest, eat, take bath and some other things. I just keep track of that on assumption of normal working days. like 8 hour in 1 day. I finished this in almost 1 week. I could have done better, but since the server will not allow all of those optimization, I decided to leave it as is, for now.

this is the sitemap that gets generated each time the web crawler checks for my sitemap.

Google changed their sitemap format

From this

<urlset xmlns='http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9'>

To this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<sitemapindex xmlns="http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9">

Windows 7 - How to Enable the Start > Run from Start Menu

Windows 7 - How to Enable the Start - Run from Start Menu
1. Right-Click on Start Menu

2. Click "Properties"

3. Under Start Menu Tab, Click "Customize"

4. Scroll Down and Check "Run Command"

5. Click "OK".

Gundam RX78 : Sighted at Odaiba (Japan)


amuro ray's gundam odaiba

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the popular Anime series "Gundam", they placed this Amuro Ray Gundam unit here in Odaiba. This 18 meter model stands at Shiokaze Kouen in Odaiba Park.

We didn't went there just to see the unit, so I'm unable to take the illumination event. I noticed that the head can look up, sideways and a bit down. Everything looks realistic too, the lights, and the mist , whoa! Everyone can just say it is wonderful!

gundam rx78 odaiba

I wonder if they can make the advance units, like ZGMF-X19A or ZGMF-X10A in HiMat mode.

I'll post more pics and the actual footage, I can't upload them all since I'm not using the super fast wired internet. (*sigh*, maybe e-mobile is only good for mailing, surfing.. even a no for youtube uploads).

Gundam Odaiba

Installing Windows 7 : SUCCESS

I just finished installing Windows 7. It took me less than an hour just to get things installed and see the Windows 7 fighting fish wallpaper. And the sound is also perfectly fine, no need to get the drivers, unless I am really picky.
By checking things, I can tell that Microsoft really have done a good thing about Windows 7, compared to Vista. There are still the semi-eye candy thing, probably they just disabled aero feature from Vista, but it is still cool.

First, this is just to prepare for the VAIO Type P that I preordered. It is an owner made, running with Atom 550 (2.0Ghz), 256GB SSD HD, 2GB RAM. I took the Japanese keyboard, because the ENTER key is easier to hit and also, I want to type Japanese characters on my VAIO P as well. I also took the brown one over the typical silver, because the silver keyboard hits hard on fingertips while I feel much better typing on the brown keyboard. I also didn't take the Wireless WAN/GPS since I can live without it. It is binded to NTT Docomo but there are always some way to unlock it.

First is to make a portion of Windows 7 into my HD. This is where I will put those Windows 7 files and remove it afterwards.

After few minutes, the Fighting Fish wallpaper shows up!

Google add warning to PRC website as HARMFUL?

What the hell's going on? PRC website hacked by someone, that Google sees it as an offensive site?

Check the proof below. I verified this when a friend told me to check my name on google.
It seems that PRC's page got injected by codes that redirect to harmful sites. Maybe this is why google marked the page as "HARMFUL".

Not only that. Once you checked PRC website, the browser will either stop or warn you that the site is not safe and may cause something to your computer. I hope they do something about this even before google or other search engine delete their indexes on search engine results.Result from Firefox
PRC got hacked? Site reported as offensive - Mozilla FireFox

Result from Google ChromePRC got hacked? Site reported as offensive - Google Chrome

Result from IE. They even prevent the page from being displayed. I check my internet connection and it is perfectly OK. (In Tokyo, Japan)PRC got hacked? Site reported as offensive - Internet Explorer

Error in PHP when accessing SQL Express

I started to play around with PHP - MSSQL when I bumped on an error that took me some time before I managed to find some fix. PHP is OK, all the functions, all green. But if I would try mssql functions, I would get 500 error (Internal Server Error) and even threw me a FastCGI Error, to which I really gave a laugh. FastCGI is sitting idly like an angel, while blame on it.

Then, I found the faulty part.

On the PHP folder, check the version of ntwdblib.dll file. If the version is like 2000.2.8.0 , just download the same file from a trustworthy source. I downloaded 2000.80.194.0 version of the DLL.

And things went OK.

Now time to convert all those things to PHP functions.

Here are the libraries I've done for ASP.NET.

Web Request (POST/GET/Redirect/Stream)

and If I can make it maybe even 80% of it in PHP, I would be sipping Java Chip F in any starbucks with my Type P.

Even just the rchWeb part.

Can't wait. ^-^

Sony Vaio Type- P - Getting cheaper because of Windows 7?

I recently pre-ordered a Japanese Owner-Made VAIO Type-P. Although, they told me that it is within my responsibility if I install English OS on it, I just laughed and said "Hai, wakarimashita" with a grin on my face. Of course, I took the best specs.

For me, it doesn't matter which OS, because most probably I'll just be using it for writing web scripts that need to be done ASAP whenever, whereever I am. I also took the 256 SSD, so hope that I'll be making a walkthorough here, or else just cross my palm with silver and I'll it for you, Sony Vaio Type-P , English.

I also grabbed the e-mobile package, but somehow I feel a bit of regret. e-mobile took 30000 yen from the total amount, but I have to subscribe to their service for 2 years, which would cost me minimum of 2,480 yen to maximum of around 6900 yen. And if I cancel now, I have to pay them 60,000 yen. I can't hardly google a thing from my current location unless I step on a nearby starbucks.... wtf!

Can't wait to get my mini machine.

Japanese Entertainment: Hilarious, but to what extent?

At first try, it is really funny and really do pulled a laugh from me, but sometimes I feel worried because, in a 3rd person point of view, we can enjoy, but how about those who got themselves fooled.

Well, I hope they got some money or two for being part of the show.

Slowly killing time: Shibuya

A typical scene at Shibuya, Tokyo.
I always enjoy looking from above, watching busy people crossing the street.
I feel like time moves slowly and very relaxing.

Another apocalypse movie: 2012

I just watched the trailer of this new movie, 2012. It may sounds like another "Independence Day" or "The day after tomorrow". Just by looking at the trailer, I can imagine the work they've done using those effects, earthquake, volcano, destruction, etc.

The story? The earth will be destroyed on 12/12/2012.

Hoping for this to show in nearby theaters.

Finding a picture to fit on… TOKYO


I just realized how hard it is to live alone in Tokyo. I mean all by yourself, having no company to help you with the accommodation, finding job, etc.

Consider this scenario. If one would try to find job here, first a shelter is necessary. There's no problem in food as you can just find everything you need in a nearby convenience store if cooking is a hassle and having limited budget. If you still find those convini foods to be expensive, try waiting around 9 – 11pm and the price will surely go down. Usually you can see this kanji引き (biki) preceeded by a number, which means, % discount. So if you see a bentou box with 500 yen tag and with 20%引き, it means you only have to pay 400 yen for it. And if you can see this ,


(hangaku) it means 50% discount or HALF – PRICE.

The condition to find yourself an apartment is that, you must have a WORK to start with or you must have a Japanese guarantor, someone who would stand there in case you would run from paying the rent (of course we know we won't do it, but there are different people too and we can't blame the owners).

There is an option, but quite expensive. Staying on sakura houses might not be a bad idea. I can have my own room, having shared bathroom, toilet, kitchen, etc with other foreigners. With that amount per month, I can already rent my own apartment, provided I have Japanese guarantor and a present job. The monthly rent is really shocking if you would take Tokyo central places. But might suffer if you have to commute very far.

The picture above is taken while I was inside a coffee shop. I was surprised because this pigeon walked from the park all the way to this place, and even waited for the traffic lights too. It walked all the way just to mingle with people in the coffee shop, hoping that they would at least share a part of what they are taking, quite a picture, isn't it.

My 2nd year in Tokyo

Whew, I almost forgot that it was my second year here in Tokyo, Japan. How time really flies and I couldn't remember the things that happened, as I can still feel things as if they happened yesterday.


Then I just found myself in Shibuya... I haven't eaten anything, but just before I entered some place where I can eat, I already placed a ticket to Den-EnToshi line... I just feel weird, I take the train. Then after seating, I enjoyed looking outside the window, looking at places that feels like familiar.

Then, thinking it was already far, I disembarked at Nagatsuta. I was amazed, I went all the way here, I don't even know if someone I knew used to live here, or by any chance I might bump on some fellow "Kababayan"...

Then, I want to move a little bit more, but my tummy is already complaining. I planned to go through the last stop of JR Yokohama, but I end up disembarking at the very next station, Naruse.

The place is somewhat different from Tokyo, it is like a province.

I happen to pass by a bridge, and beneath is a cemetery. There is also a water gate next to it, controlled by a sluice gate somewhere. I walked straight and straight, looking a something that I can't even describe, but I feel like I need to go there. Very weird, but it gave me a good exercise walking.

Then on this (I saw some sign, Aobayama, nantoka... something.. I'm getting drowsy since Ihaven't eaten anything and I'M tired and also quite exhausted because of the rain torrents, walking without the umbrella ....). I felt really worried. I looked around and at night time, it seems really dark on these areas. I hope somebody has been there for them, that those who do this act can't do their foolish acts without getting a fight or something..

I think I really lost my way. I tried to look for taxi, but can't find one. There are bus stops but I think they go to other direction. I can't see some kanji that I've seen on the station. So I just continued walking.

And then, I reached here, going out to a place that I believe I've been.
I feel like, I was looking for a missing fragment of my memory. It feels strange, and I felt like I've been here before. This looks like a school. I was looking at the big clock near the field. I looked for students busy running around the school, chatting, parting ways....

somehow I feel relieved and smiled... I decided to just rest at the nearby pasta restaurant. 学校のClockに見ながら、ゆっくりして、にこにこ笑わせた。 ^_^

Then... after some time, I went back home. It was a long day.
quite tiring, but I feel great. I don't know what I've found, but somehow I feel satisfied.

Making A Web Crawler :

I have thought of this for many times and wondered, how to Google, Yahoo! and other search engines do this stuffs, sniffing all the net info? Does every page have to submit to their directory?

Well constant thinking gave me an idea, and somehow I think I can also make one using C#.

Their algorithm probably runs like this (I could be wrong, but this is just an assumption based on what I percieve as possible).

First, this program will check things from until it reach
Then, for every dataset result on each page landing on every tick of the IP, this bot will check the contents, and will try to read all HTML elements, or just the contents. After which he will follow, if those are links to other document, using the root IP. If it detects an error (404 - Not Found), it will try the other part, and also will try to check files on every directory. Then this will save the contents on the DB, and also try to check the links to where it points to do a new scan.

So maybe, sometimes we have to submit our site to these search engine because it could take time for the bots to crawl on every pages. Another thing that these web bots can detect are the "GET" request, which get cached.

So far that is the fundamental, I think. And the other things like meta analysis, checking based on contents and other black SEO practices done based on that Search engine policies.

Web Layouts: What differs a Graphics Designer from Web Designer

When I was given a web project, I started to read some details to get opinions of other people. This is different from just dragging and dropping things in your visual IDE and worst, you might suffer later for cross browser compatibility (say hello to IE 6).

So because of this cross browser rendering issues, these layouts are used.

The Ice Cube Box

-these kind of websites tend to stay on the left side of the screen. They "STATICALLY" stay there,in such a way that they would be "SOMEHOW" rendered in that position. It is true, this will stay aligned to the left, but one big disadvantage of this is, when users who have resolution greater than the static dimension (w, h), things from their view will not be balanced.

The Jelly Box

-these kind of websites tend to stay on the middle of the screen. This layout address to the ICE CUBE Box limitation, the lack of "Balance". They are still somewhat "STATICALLY" measured, adjusting to the lowest possible browser resolution (I still consider 760px , although sometimes I fear those who use 640 x 480 resolution). Most who do this use the 760 px adjustment, thinking that most users still hae 800 x 600 px resolution. Since this stays in the middle of your screen, eerything appears to be proportionally balanced. However, since the dimensions are still statically set, this layout will waste some of the space, that you can also use to add some elements, or maybe additional ads space to earn extra.

The Liquid Layout

- Finally, to address those holes. The Liquid layout is dynamically adjusted, depending on the user's resolution. To accomplish this, you should not give an element some fixed value if they would act as "CONTAINER" for other elements (adjust to page element on percentage units). This is quite hard to accomplish, so you have to check every browsers, especially IE. Add some extra space, in such a way that if rendering error occur, your layout won't suffer much. Other thing is to reset all element renderings to have a uniform setting for all elements. Most of these I saw online are ice-boxed,liquid type since they adjust from LEFT. I would rather prefer the Liquid-Jelly layout, since it would appear more balanced.

I've seen many websites, and sometimes I still see people using the old approach for image switchovers (Javascript), preloader (still Javascript, duh)...and even some people who give form driven name some kanji or katakana or hiragana names... (Ouch). well, we can always learn from experience and someday we'll be able to do things in a more appropriate way.

OK. To answer the question. Graphics Designer are gurus when it comes to desktop publishing, but a Web Designer is someone who can extend those skills to a higher level.

Akihabara : A glimpse of a tradegy...

Offerings at Akihabara Stabbing rampage
At first glimpe, you would think that those are some garbage, I suppose. But a closer look, they are really flowers, drinks, snacks and others used as an offering for those who died in Akihabara last year, a stabbing rampage.

Japan's working lifestyle is reall strict. One mistake, you'll become an outcast. No body invites you to group parties, no body informs you about recent company policy or event, everybody mobs you on their conversation after work, etc.... very unforgiving in such a way, someone who experience those would most likely to be violent, do something sneaky, just to adjust for such unfair act.

Because of this, he tried to express himself in such a way that his existance will not be ignored. He posted several message to a Social Networking Site, and when he arrived at Akihabara, randomly stabbed everyone after he hit pedestrians using the truck he drove.

Akihabara @ Night - a year after the stabbing rampageI also feel sorry for them and also for this guy, who didn't find a way to prove everyone that they are wrong about him.

Ginza: Back to Feudal Tokyo?

Jinrikisha in Tokyo, Ginza
What is this? Am I seeing this right? Am I in Tokyo, year 2009?

I recalled my world history lessons when I saw this. Also, one of the things that Jose Rizal didn't like when he visited Japan. This man-pulled cart called "Jin-Riksha".

I tried to look inside the window, but it is hard to see. Maybe this is some special service. Sometimes, I can also pedal powered taxi here, streets of Ginza.

Jinrikisha running on Ginza

Function evaluation disabled because a previous function evaluation timed out. You must continue execution to reenable function evaluation.

Function evaluation disabled because a previous function evaluation timed out. You must continue execution to reenable function evaluation.

this error ticks me, I'm running this parser program I make since monday night and I'm stuck with just one month.

I'll try a work around on this since I use the debugger CLI from VS 2k5 which is rumored to be a "BUG".

I also tried to clean up the code and divide the load because I have to take text (if you know SQL datatypes, you know how big is this) long datas and roughly 3 million row that I have to parse, something which my computer running 1 GB, Pentium D can't stand, it can't even fill a datatable with all those data. >_<

So, my workaround is to just get some id, then get another query specific to that ID, so in that way I'll be able to see the progress per row processed and, should not end up like the first attempt, since I'm only storing integers in datatables. I'll POST later for this breakpoint thrilling debug.

*UPDATE* Things seems to work now, but only insert row at 1 row per sec, my notebook at home is much faster than this computer....>_<

Lesson Learned: "It is hard to be deprived..."

Ano ba ang "Plastic" sa Japanese?

Minsan, natanong ko na rin to sa sarili ko. Ano nga ba yun?...


Nung dumating ako dito, sobrang excited ako. I want to meet many friends, so as much as possible, I keep on my mind all the things that would most likely open up a conversation, a lively one. So, when I do, parang ang naging dating sa kanila, immature. Yung laging nakangiti (smiling face ba lagi), ang dating sa kanila nun hindi ka seryoso sa mga ginagawa mo. Pati yung mga usual natin na ginagawa sa pinas, hindi katulad yun dito...from here, pumapasok yung term na "Tatemae".

Meron silang saying, na minsan natanong ko sa pinoy na sempai. "Honne to Tatemae ga chigau".. Ibig sabihin, mag-kaiba yung tunay na personality sa personality na ipinapakita. So, may mga time na meron tayong ka officemate na Haponesa, tapos parang ang sweet-sweet satin, it doesn't necessarily mean na gusto nila tayo. I'm also not saying na malabo mangyari yun, pero usually Tatemae yun. Sa mga Japanese kasi, napakaimportante ng Work life, kasi most of their life dito na napupunta, well depende pa rin sa Japanese to, kasi meron ako kilala na Japanese, super bait nya mas pinili nya na mag volunteer work, than to earn money here.

Anyway. back to the topic. Ayun, gusto kasi nila makapag work sila ng maayos, so para mangyari yun, dapat as much as possible wala ka kaaway sa work. Yun ang Tatemae, minsan hindi sila talaga umiinom ng alak, pero para magandang pakikisama, iinom sila. Parang ganito rin sa atin, although at some point, parang ka-plastican ito, di ba? Pero I think, for a good cause.

Tapos isa pa, example kunwari meron ka bagong hairdo, tapos pag nakita ka nila, sasabihin nila "Wow, ayos ng buhok mo.. kakkoii". Pero sa loob loob nila, "Hala, saang carnival ka nanggaling? Nag cosplay ka ba?"... dito naman Pumapasok yung isang term, na ang tawag e "Omoteura ga aru"....

One notable na nangyari sakin na ganito, isang beses merong Japanese na me hawak ng main computer. So yung computer na to, dito ako gumagawa ng mga applications ko, usually web application. Ginawa nun, nagbigay sya sakin ng access, naka CC sa ibang japanese. tapos, nung aaccess ko na yung computer, ayaw... Yun pala, mali yung binigay sakin. nung lumapit ako, aba, eh iba iba yung case nung username and password, mali pa yung spelling. Para sakin, eto ang tunay na ka plastican. Pero parang doble kara ito, so kahit biro wag nyo sana sabihin sa Japanese. kung sa atin, parang pag sinabi mo, "sus, plastik mo..." , matatawa pa tayo. Sila, hindi....

And another thing, napaka sensitive nila sa pagkakamali. Make a mistake and you're lucky if pagbigyan ka nila ng pagkakataon.

At sana, wag nyo isipin na lahat ng Japanese ganito. Meron din mababait na Japanese, parang sa atin din, or kahit saang lugar. Every place is a forest, ika nga..

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