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Philippine Hostage taking ends in a bloody way

Another sad news that might hurt the economy of the Philippines. Due to some selfish ignorance, someone who was dismissed from his duty just proved himself that he is worthy of being kicked out of service. I just don't understand why people dismissed at their service would still have high-caliber weapons that will enable someone to do terrorist acts.

Early morning, a tourist bus boarded by 22 Chinese citizens was hijacked by a Policeman in UNIFORM, carrying an M-16 rifle, ammunition and few pistols. Then, later posted something on the window of the bus, that seems to be asking for demands.

The hostage-taker was expelled from duty because of alleged involvement to drug related case and illegal distortion. He is HOPING to be enlisted again, but presumably rejected due to involvement to the mentioned crimes.

9 Chinese are allowed to go earlier and then on the midst of the rain, loud gunshots are heard from inside of the bus.

The hostage taker died on the assault and fortunately, not everyone on the bus was killed, as earlier stated by the driver.

But why does this thing happen? First of all, this is not a new incident. Years ago, somebody did this, and the aftermath, he was freed and the hostages (filipino kids) are even granted scholarships. I kept on asking myself, why things like this happen? How many lives needs to be taken first? How many loses do Philippines have to endure?

I hope somebody can resolve this. Fight people who masquerade themselves as justice.


8 Chinese Nationals are confirmed dead.
7 Chinese wounded.
1 bystander, a Filipino boy was wounded.

Hong Kong issued a travel advisory to HK residents to avoid Philippines.

jQuery extends jQuery Mobile Framework

With constant birth of new Mobile devices, checking for changes to web development becomes a task that web developers need to do, whenever something big will be released in the market. Many are hoping that HTML 5 will address rendering issues and make it consistent for both mobile and desktop/laptop devices. Probably, CMS developers will make some changes on how each data are rendered.

While the display consistency will be done in no time, jQuery Mobile framework will probably make UI development easy. I have used the jQuery UI in various Web Applications I developed that doesn't have enough time to design screen UI, and the result is a user-friendly UI that is also XHTML compliant.

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