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Web Dev Matters and Me

Problem with XSLT- blank referrer

It seems there is a problem with XSLT. Actually, it worked really nice and the loading speed of the site is greatly optimized but for one thing... this prevented the page from checking the origin of the request...

I think it works like this.... A page gets a request, XML is rendered to client with the XSLT, then XSLT is requested and after that process how the data should be displayed on the client side. Then, since the file is on the client side, all request made to it will have blank referrer, since it is on the client side... Of course, the browser will not forward your IP address as a referring page...

End of September

A lot have happened this month. I was too busy even to stay online because of recurring issues I had at work. This start of month has been unfortunate for us because my dad suffered stroke.

It just happened just after he woke up, and his left-arm and leg is paralyzed. Later, I learned it was a brain illness, caused by lack of oxygen supply (by the blood) to it. I had a situation like this before, first in Tokyo where I was staying alone. I just felt numbness in my arm, then next to it I can't move anymore. I thought it is just because of the weather because it happened on a winter. Then, when I returned in the Philippines, I had this just as I woke up. I can't move and just shouted for help, but I guess nobody was able to hear it. I tried to pull my numb arm up using my movable arm, and tried to move but didn't worked. Hopeless, I just resolved with a sleep. Fortunately, I recovered after a nap. Maybe a vein got clogged? Not sure what really happened, but it was scary.

We have to stay at the hospital for four days. I recalled the doctor saying my dad needs to be monitored for 48 hours. The experience is just horrible, and even made things stressful.


I'm taking a Ketosis-based diet that I avoid much carbohydrates in food. It is making me lose weight easily, but not much on the body mass. Things seems OK until I woke up and greeted by this...

It was terribly itchy. It would take a good patience not to scratch it. I took down a list of things I have consumed for the last 5 hours because allergic reaction can occur as early as an hour. I visited Medical City in Ortigas and have a dermatologist look at it. Again, I explained I was on Ketosis-diet, we don't have pets at home, I don't have allergies with Crabs or Shrimps nor I have taken those things for the past 24 hours at least, the doctor is clueless too, but she agree that those are allergic reactions. She gave me a prescription for Aerius (Desloratadine) 5mg. I used to take Alerta 10mg, but this is too strong and always makes me drowsy in an untimely situation, even a Venti Americano laced with White mocha can't make me alert. Aerius claims it doesn't make one sleepy, but actually it does. So, take anti-histamine tablets only when it is safe for you to sleep because ANTI-HISTAMINES WILL MAKE YOU FEEL SLEEPY. 

By searching, I'm able to find many disgruntled netizens who also is in Ketosis-mode and developed hives like this. I'm starting to think Ketosis has a factor in that hives for the folllowing reasons:

1. I remembered a time during my college days, it is my first time to take a high-alcoholic drink that hives appeared just after few minutes of taking it. 

2. Taking alcohol will make anyone lose water in them. When there is insufficient water in our body, gluconeogenesis (GNG) will not happen because water is required to make that happen. At this time, instead of taking energy from glucose, the body takes energy from our fats, producing ketones.
So, I think it is an educated guess. So, I decided to eat carbohydrates again as suggested by some netizens. Unfortunately,the hives is still sprouting like wild mushrooms. LOL

Then, I realized I was taking this drink the whole time. actually, I bought a dozen.

When I stopped taking it, the hives stops. It must be the culprit.(AHA!). I suppose those people who started to take carbohydrates back recovered from their hives because they are not using their low-carb artificial sweetener, which is also the reason why their body is reacting to it.


After a blogged accused Sen. Tito Sotto of plagiarism, instead of an apology, Sen. Sotto even provoked the owner of the blog to sue him. Instead of an apology, this is what netizens get.

The turn of events led to Senate President to approve an anti-blogger law (Anti-CyberCrime). This is approved by the President too. It can make anyone in the internet charged by criminal case and be sent to prison in an instant. How was that! :( Are we still living in a democratic country? Maybe we just need an internet censorship and we are a copy of China in terms of freedom-of-expression. I hope we get better government in the coming years.


Because of a stupid movie, the whole world went in a small chaos. US Ambassador in Libya was killed. 

Their prophet is portrayed as a bad person, to make it short. Read it here. [Anti-Islam Movie]


So could it be the reason why I only have almost 10% of my data rate and my connection dropping everytime a rain is about to pour? 


 Had my hopes on this game, and disappointed me in the end. The game claims it is not a surprise game because of a good story, but it is the opposite. It is a surprise game without any story... BOOO!

Of course, if I will have free time from developments, I take time to analyze stocks. 

E-games has been on a downtrend for a long time. I'm just eyeing it, but would not dare to buy this. 

I was able to grab 20k shares of MPI at 4.14, which I disposed on 4.23 . I dont have any news after that.

PX is still red, and people at the forum are fighting other members. Scary talks again? I guess MVP is right about the government being unruly. "ANG GULO GULO NYO!" LOL

With the news, I feel like drooling to add more positions on OIL stocks. OV, OPM, PXP, APO. China doesn't seem to have dispute with Philippines anymore, but the Panatag Shoal remains roped.... 

Trillanes: A hero or a traitor?

The tension between Philippines and China cooled off a bit. Although, some Filipinos distrust Chinese anymore and continuously call to everyone for a mass-boycott of all Chinese related businesses, the standoff between Philippines and China is really one of the worst thing that happened. As a Filipino, I believe that the West-Philippines Sea deserves a recognition to neighboring countries and the exclusive economic zone as well. 

Then, Senator Trillanes began criticizing DFA Sec Del Rosario for his alleged failed negotiation with China that almost had the country on war with the China. Sen. Trillanes claimed to be a "back-channel" envoy to China.  

But on one of the Senate meeting, Senate President Enrile was accused by Sen. Trillanes of rail-roading a way to divide Cam-Sur, that would favor GMA. Instead, SP Enrile asked to Sen. Trillanes about the reports in Amb. Brady's notes where Sen.Trillanes asked the Ambassador not to take notes of their conversation and also have written there that Sen. Trillanes seems to be working in favor of the Chinese government. He simply walked out without answering the senate president's question....

Sen. Trillanes also said MVP is involved there, that fumes Mr. MVP and said... Trillanes is a liar.

I would agree with Mr. MVP.. "Ang gulo gulo nyo (govt)".

Here's an interview with Senate President Enrile..



Few things I like to discuss is about facebook comment plugin. If you are a developer having problems with the scrollbar, then simply check if you are floating it. It should go easily as a block element, but if there is a need for you to float it, wrapping it instead should do. Comments will appear below and should not need to scroll, provided that no height attribute is provided for the containing element.

Was asked to modify the site layout again... I might require more holidays for it... :(

...Wonder how long would it take for me to start-up my own company? :(

..good luck to our investments.

End of Ghost month?

Ghost month seems to have ended and stocks are starting to move north making new highs. I think stock price will continue this movement up to next year.

I'm still holding on to OIL stock that I'm keeping even on the dips. I took that opportunity to add consistently every month, regardless of the hearsay, the scary rumors on forums, and the consistent bragging of co-traders who gained significantly high just by day trading.

I friend suggested to me a tool for day trading called the Pivot Analysis Tool. I think this is a good starting point for those who don't have much time to look on the chart like me. Last week, I added some of RFM using this tool and I was surprised to see huge volume of unserved bid on closing, buying at the same price that I have. 

Also, another thing worth reading about investment is this article on inquirer's website.


although, it did not mention stocks, I think there are many stocks out there that can offer big gains with less risk, considering your investment period would be from medium-long term. 

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