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last day of january stock trading

I had a terrible stomachache that I can't go to work now.. so im stuck watching prices inside CR . hahaha

Again, something funny with the panel. I was stuck watching for - since most of my money is pooled here. 

But notice this 3 stocks (prime orion, nihao ,lmg chem ). What do they have in common? These are the bids interrupted by the closing time. Jap stocks? and most probably controlled by a good jock player, especially LMG which avoided the ceiling.

This was my last snapshot, but as of writing. PX just hit 23.3. As expected of a responsible mining company. (^_^)

caveat as always.

Trading Status - Week Ending 01-27-2012

... this week was really exciting and full of surprises. As people have seen LC/B sunk in dips, it recovered easily from 1.8 to 1.87, that gave a big profit already for those who are into short term with LC/B.

Funny here that, PX shares have matched although the display didn't update, or am I lucky at getting these views? hahaha. Just by one look, we can see that Philex Mining (PX) are in bullish trend which could last for months. I think this is a good entry point for those who are planning to buy, before the 4th quarter press release (or I should say, Praise Release) gets into news, as it will push the price even higher. Caveat for this and decide at your own risk :).
Nihao (Ni) on the other hand seems very volatile and too risky to touch. Just for fun, I invested small amount of money here, at the time of writing this post and at 4 days holding, I'm only at less than 200PHP loss :D, but I would prefer to buy Philex than this one. RSI for this is really telling us, that it is oversold. As expected of a JAP stock and one of the best jock player in PSE. (be warned)

Jollibee (JFC) and Universal Robina (URC) are both food stocks I'm eyeing at 89.5 and 50 respectively.Jollibee ended at 96 today in consecutive 2 day bull and URC too at 53.6.

Utility stocks are also great. Meralco (MER) was on the dips yesterday at 263 and closes at 274 today. that's almost 5% in just a day. Manila Water got me interested that it moves with less volatility but with less gain. Still, I think this is good because it has less risk compared to reward you can get. Utilities, especially MER is great, since it is a monopoly in Philippines and everybody need these utility companies.

Also, for those who are hearing market rumors, please do your homework and verify if the source is credible. I've heard rumors from a forum I'm in. This guy always post charts about PX and says it will go up, as shown in the charts he post. But as soon as PX hits 24, he sold all his position then said that it will go down back to 23... Who is his buyer?? His believers... poor believers, there is a book called "Technical Analysis for Dummies", yet they fall prey to the false prophet....

Today is friday night and I might get out somewhere to enjoy my small gains in trading :D

Enabling MS Office Application in Silverlight

I had this task of making a proof of concept sample that will allow users to use the User-Rich text editor Microsoft Word. 

It is really challenging, since working with those object are not something we can do in a jiffy , well at least for someone like me who rarely do MSWord macro things.

Reading thru API and using the new features of C#4.0 thru dynamic types, I'm able to design and implement a class library that can simply use MS Word and perform saving to database. It involves checking MRU and also subscribe to events of the MS Word Interop object. 

Since it is in Silvelight, data access and operations should be thru WCF. I completed the solution, and only later figured out that my ADO.NET class won't work in silvelright.

(x_x) <= sick due to stress

I wish I can gamble, so I can have a chance for you..

I'm enjoying (or enduring) a look weekend now, thanks to the current administration who declared "Chinese New Year" a special non-working holiday. Although it was good for my tired body, it is torment for my mind, as PSE is at holiday too (-_-;).

I'm loaded with things to do. I'm working on my website, and just considered to make it a little bit dependent to file system, since I won't be paying extra bucks for server power. At times, I would take time to step out to gym, train a little sweat-break exercise and sweat more in sauna and take hot shower afterwards. 

Stock-wise, I unloaded my PNB for 64.2. I bought it for 59.5, which gave me about 8% of my capital (around 2-3 weeks holding period). I'm still holding LCB, altough it is already giving me an eyesore @ almost 5% loss.

NI is tempting, but that's what we can expect to a JAP stock, the strings are attached to the best jock player in PSE. It went from 5.5 to 6.67 in a day, even with high RSI. In short, it was too hot to handle.

Keeping my LCB loss, I decided to buy PX which just breaked the triangle. I'm expecting this stock to trade soon at 27-30 level (current was 23.1).

PD : 80% in PX, 20% in LCB.

Bloody 13th of Friday (01-13-2012)

As I've got myself a good position on some of my lists, today was a bearish trade day. PNB was still good at 63.9 until somebody dumped at 63.2, but I believe PNB will move up, since the PNB-Allied Bank merger is still on early stage and might hit trade price of 70 soon. Mining was also hit today,and I would like to mark these prices because we might never see them again next week, after LCB breaks 2 TP. Unfortunately, the local share LC has strong resistance around 1.79-1.82 price. :(

Meralco seems to have good support and when it traded at 257, I'm pretty sure that it was just a test of support. 

Seems like new HIs will be recorded on monday.(^_^)

Investing More Fun in the Philippines (^_^)

After months of researching, reading technical analysis books and some experience, I'm fortunate enough  to learn trading. (^_^).

The market saying about "Don't touch what you do not know" is true. There were times that I've made some mistakes in trades, like buying when the news already is out and the buyers on rumors stage are already enjoying their gains. I've also made mistake by selling prematurely and also left my sell order only to find out that the stock price have gone really higher.

 Although, there are times that I buy on HI, most of my buy now are on LOW or at least below the median of the range. So far, at the time of writing this post, I haven't made a big loss. Probably my biggest loss in trading was -5% and that provoked me to learn how to cut my losses, though it is hard.. but it is a MUST in every trader...  Although I may have gained more if I only knew how to cut losses back then, the experienced I gained is priceless.

I'm able to develop a small web app that helps me decide my trades. By reading technical analysis books, I just made some algorithm to detect patterns in the trade price. Sure, traders would say that they like to see graphs, candlesticks, etc.. but we can also use the numbers and have some codes to alert us of the trend or reversal.

So, for now.. I'm enjoying my gains... I'm not an expert trader, but my skills will help me to do a good trade. (^_^). I'm not still up to play basura stocks, but will consider someday..... I'm still happy making myself busy at work and investing my money.

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