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Web Dev Matters and Me

Result after 1 week

I guess the web crawlers are working really hard that they manage to crawl to the site easily. Also, the pages will appear delicious to the bots, since it is catered to provide the information they need in a way they can easily understand

But good thing is that, even if it app.ears smashed in the address bar, it is properly displayed in the results page. So at this rate, the strength of the website can be determined by the amount of useful information provided, of course, made easy by MVC approach.

Recovering of Partition Table Information

One of the most nasty things happened while shrinking drives is this unreadable partition. Sometimes this also could happen, if you accidentally cleanED (using windows DISKPART) a disk. At first when I thought it was deleted, it is a 500GB hard disk, so you can imagine how much information it holds. I tried to get a cup of coffee and convinced myself that "Hey, it is not all deleted. No computer can delete such file size in a few seconds. If you want to delete a Hard Disk without a trace, you have to switch 1 and 0 per 8 bits of a byte of that 500 gigabytes." Thus, I decided to spend this night sleepless, trying to recover the data.

Searching on the internet is hard. I tried many softwares there, and sadly some are hijacked with virus, rootkits and some even tried to write a function after few months to mess my drive's partition table after uninstall. I also installed some "promising" softwares, but in the end they won't allow you to fix your partition table.

Good thing, I'm able to find this good tool called TestDisk. At first it is hard to use and after trying all those crapwares, I already lose hope, but TestDisk worked like a charm. From the damaged partition, it can even extract files back and also fix the partition that I accidentally cleanED using the diskpart tool. After analyzing the disk partition, it will write a new one and instruct you to restart it to take effect. On my case, it is a removable device. Simply unplug, plug, found new device and WHOA! the files are there.

and the best thing about this, it is FREE! Thanks to the genius behind this Open Source Project.

Self Generating Contents Website in less than 60 hours

I just challenged myself to make a simple website that will display Japanese verb conjugation. I think this site is very useful to improve vocabulary provided that one already recall some sentence patterns, then this would surely help them to even higher levels. This japanese fundamental learning tool is made less than 60 hours. Yes! you read it right. I did it alone, including the database, few SEO guidelines, planning, DEBUGGING (and I say hello to somee), few graphics and verb check up ,etc.


So, here is the plan. I do know the fundamentals of Japanese language, but to get even more better and fluent, I must improve my vocabulary and the only thing that comes in my mind is to improve retention. Past exams that I have taken proved me that, whenever anyone sees something in a timely fashion, then your mind will remember it, whether you like it or not. Much better if you would like it, though. So from this, I put up a list of all the verbs I can term as fundamental. Verbs in Japanese is as complicated as speaking the language.

I also need it, at the same time, want to share this to other people who might thinking of the same thing. Thus, this is where my web dev skills apply.

First I tried to search for free webhost, but unfortunately they only allow MS Access database (at least for a FREE account). They also don't have support to MVC, so I'll be downgrading few features based on the resources available to me.

I don't have much time, so I guess MVC approach suits this. There are patterns for each Japanese groups, to which few are exceptions.

I manually entered all the verbs, the conjugation and thought of some rules to make the conjugation automatic. there are 359 verbs in the access database, using MVC approach, I'm able to produce 359 verbs x 10 different conjugation + 3 verb groups x 359 verbs + 3 list page and 1 front page resulting to 5,015 different page views using 1 aspx.

It took me less than 60 hours to make a working copy on my local. This will be search engine friendly. By looking at the code, I think I did well. With just 1 ASPX file as my VIEW. I have an isolated MODEL that deals with the access database. There is a controller who will check which pages are requested, check the model, pass the data to view and return the data to site visitors.
Also, I mentioned search engine friendly. I made a function that outputs all the possible combinations of URL into sitemap. This is dynamically run, so I don't have to worry about it each time I made an update.

All worked perfectly until one thing I realized... the server is not as good as they claim to be..

They don't support url changing so, my controller class already failed. This made me review all the SEO books I know. I tried all the methods to make it work. Overall, I tried 3. (from Intellegencias code, to Global asax application start approach to even path convertion), but alas nothing work. So, I guess I have to make another trick. the leading "/". Now everything will appear as if it is 1 file.

so, one thing I'm sure of. If I get my credit card, I'll just buy a hosting, transfer all of it there and upgrade it to what I really planned.

It is really tiring to adjust to limitations , find solution than just to let money talk. But it was fun. Another experience that improved my skillset. And that less than 60 hours is not consecutive. I'm also a human being, I need to rest, eat, take bath and some other things. I just keep track of that on assumption of normal working days. like 8 hour in 1 day. I finished this in almost 1 week. I could have done better, but since the server will not allow all of those optimization, I decided to leave it as is, for now.

this is the sitemap that gets generated each time the web crawler checks for my sitemap.

Google changed their sitemap format

From this

<urlset xmlns='http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9'>

To this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<sitemapindex xmlns="http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9">

Windows 7 - How to Enable the Start > Run from Start Menu

Windows 7 - How to Enable the Start - Run from Start Menu
1. Right-Click on Start Menu

2. Click "Properties"

3. Under Start Menu Tab, Click "Customize"

4. Scroll Down and Check "Run Command"

5. Click "OK".

Gundam RX78 : Sighted at Odaiba (Japan)


amuro ray's gundam odaiba

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the popular Anime series "Gundam", they placed this Amuro Ray Gundam unit here in Odaiba. This 18 meter model stands at Shiokaze Kouen in Odaiba Park.

We didn't went there just to see the unit, so I'm unable to take the illumination event. I noticed that the head can look up, sideways and a bit down. Everything looks realistic too, the lights, and the mist , whoa! Everyone can just say it is wonderful!

gundam rx78 odaiba

I wonder if they can make the advance units, like ZGMF-X19A or ZGMF-X10A in HiMat mode.

I'll post more pics and the actual footage, I can't upload them all since I'm not using the super fast wired internet. (*sigh*, maybe e-mobile is only good for mailing, surfing.. even a no for youtube uploads).

Gundam Odaiba

Installing Windows 7 : SUCCESS

I just finished installing Windows 7. It took me less than an hour just to get things installed and see the Windows 7 fighting fish wallpaper. And the sound is also perfectly fine, no need to get the drivers, unless I am really picky.
By checking things, I can tell that Microsoft really have done a good thing about Windows 7, compared to Vista. There are still the semi-eye candy thing, probably they just disabled aero feature from Vista, but it is still cool.

First, this is just to prepare for the VAIO Type P that I preordered. It is an owner made, running with Atom 550 (2.0Ghz), 256GB SSD HD, 2GB RAM. I took the Japanese keyboard, because the ENTER key is easier to hit and also, I want to type Japanese characters on my VAIO P as well. I also took the brown one over the typical silver, because the silver keyboard hits hard on fingertips while I feel much better typing on the brown keyboard. I also didn't take the Wireless WAN/GPS since I can live without it. It is binded to NTT Docomo but there are always some way to unlock it.

First is to make a portion of Windows 7 into my HD. This is where I will put those Windows 7 files and remove it afterwards.

After few minutes, the Fighting Fish wallpaper shows up!

Google add warning to PRC website as HARMFUL?

What the hell's going on? PRC website hacked by someone, that Google sees it as an offensive site?

Check the proof below. I verified this when a friend told me to check my name on google.
It seems that PRC's page got injected by codes that redirect to harmful sites. Maybe this is why google marked the page as "HARMFUL".

Not only that. Once you checked PRC website, the browser will either stop or warn you that the site is not safe and may cause something to your computer. I hope they do something about this even before google or other search engine delete their indexes on search engine results.Result from Firefox
PRC got hacked? Site reported as offensive - Mozilla FireFox

Result from Google ChromePRC got hacked? Site reported as offensive - Google Chrome

Result from IE. They even prevent the page from being displayed. I check my internet connection and it is perfectly OK. (In Tokyo, Japan)PRC got hacked? Site reported as offensive - Internet Explorer

Error in PHP when accessing SQL Express

I started to play around with PHP - MSSQL when I bumped on an error that took me some time before I managed to find some fix. PHP is OK, all the functions, all green. But if I would try mssql functions, I would get 500 error (Internal Server Error) and even threw me a FastCGI Error, to which I really gave a laugh. FastCGI is sitting idly like an angel, while blame on it.

Then, I found the faulty part.

On the PHP folder, check the version of ntwdblib.dll file. If the version is like 2000.2.8.0 , just download the same file from a trustworthy source. I downloaded 2000.80.194.0 version of the DLL.

And things went OK.

Now time to convert all those things to PHP functions.

Here are the libraries I've done for ASP.NET.

Web Request (POST/GET/Redirect/Stream)

and If I can make it maybe even 80% of it in PHP, I would be sipping Java Chip F in any starbucks with my Type P.

Even just the rchWeb part.

Can't wait. ^-^

Sony Vaio Type- P - Getting cheaper because of Windows 7?

I recently pre-ordered a Japanese Owner-Made VAIO Type-P. Although, they told me that it is within my responsibility if I install English OS on it, I just laughed and said "Hai, wakarimashita" with a grin on my face. Of course, I took the best specs.

For me, it doesn't matter which OS, because most probably I'll just be using it for writing web scripts that need to be done ASAP whenever, whereever I am. I also took the 256 SSD, so hope that I'll be making a walkthorough here, or else just cross my palm with silver and I'll it for you, Sony Vaio Type-P , English.

I also grabbed the e-mobile package, but somehow I feel a bit of regret. e-mobile took 30000 yen from the total amount, but I have to subscribe to their service for 2 years, which would cost me minimum of 2,480 yen to maximum of around 6900 yen. And if I cancel now, I have to pay them 60,000 yen. I can't hardly google a thing from my current location unless I step on a nearby starbucks.... wtf!

Can't wait to get my mini machine.

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