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Web Dev Matters and Me

CD-R King's Wi-Fi + Bluetooth USB Combo Dongle in Ubuntu 10.4

Since my mom's computer is quite outdated, running on Intel's Pentium 4 1.8GHz + 256MB RAM, I decided to install Ubuntu side by side. The reason for this is that, most of my mom's friends are already on facebook and she asked me how to setup an account for this, which eventually requires stable internet connection. (I'm not letting her use dial-up internet and feel more stressed).

Developing .NET Web applications using MonoDevelop

Just these past days, I considered installing Ubuntu to one of my Notebook and, after finally upgrading it to Ubuntu 9.10, the next thing I planned is to use some visual-studio like API for Ubuntu.

I liked Ubuntu's environment. Just beside the panel that displays Date and Time, you can also see the temperature and weather of your current city. Something I would like to see in Windows OS, without using Widgets, as introduced in Vista.

you can download monodevelop at monodevelop.com

reference : VAIO Type P Guide for XP, Ubuntu, Vista and Windows 7

HTML 5 Ruby Annotation.

A complete ruby annotation in HTML 5 consist
of ruby, rt and rp tag.


</rt><rp>Sorry your browser doesn't support HTML5</rp>

as we all know, ruby tag is to add ruby annotation in our HTML, rt is the text that was supposed to be, the
pronounciation guide. rp tag is optional, since it won't show up if the browser doesn't support ruby annotation, but not if the browser doesn't support HTML 5. If the browser can't, it will STILL DISPLAY THE RP TAG along with other tags, as if they are unknown HTML elements.

Twitter got injected with malformed HTML

Just a few minutes ago, I checked twitter just to see that, somebody have successfully enter some counter-HTML to prevent twitter from displaying contents. It seems that they made it this fair by adding extra closing tags,like to close other elements, giving them way to add new tag elements.

even the links are altered. Probably, these users are really pissed at the  "Whale image"

Twitter over Capacity - "Stupid Whale"

Lately, many disgruntled twitter users got pissed by this image, that they even trend a topic "Stupid Whale"

Routing web traffic

With few SEO things I had in mind, I'm able to produce big changes from site deployment that took about 1 month. Although I'm a bit surprised about the result, I'm not yet satisfied since I believe there is a much better way of having these figures.

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