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Web Dev Matters and Me

Simplified C# Library

Doing Web Development is just like other jobs, it just differ in requirements but the point is, it will still render data back to user, do some data access (if required), read some files, parse to XML, parse to JSON, output to excel file, output to PDF file, output to image file, etc..

So, I decided to make a library, which makes my development task "in a whim" .

With this, I can focus more on algorithms and just re-use the things I've done before.

I'll just post it as a project someday so that other can benifit from it, especially those are new to Web Development.

A series of Friday Nights :


Roppongi warning sign doesn't work

Like a recent started habit, I often find myself walking in streets of Roppongi, watching how people go. First we take dinner then go somewhere else, for a change.

Members: Me, Neth-san, Liezel, Niki (Liezel's italian BF), Roque (pinsan ni Neth, canada), Ayako (gf ng pinsan ni neth, japanese), Yukihiro (pinsan ni neth, japanese), xander (brother ni liezel)

And look, it seems there is some change in Minato-ku. I wonder if this is really effective, since there are still intimidating guys who constantly follow you and ask going to their bar. etc...

We went to First Bar, and I've seen many fellow "kababayan" there, but they would just stare at you and ignore you should you start a conversation. Quite friendly fellow, aren't they? We went out and approached by some bouncer, and asking us to go to their place, which seems like they are forcing us. The bouncer already grab one of our member's hand and I cut the bouncer's sweet plan, because we have our plans and I don't want anyone in our member harrassed in such a way. Another bouncer approached me, like some trouble is about to happen but things went cool. We went to the old "party place" Motown2. And oh my god, I thought I'll be able to rest here. I took some drink, was alone that time and quite pissed because we lost our umbrellas at First Bar (thanks to the stupid bouncer who took it for us and then lost those....). I was like thinking for my remaining days here, and was approached by a Japanese woman (she looks old by the way, maybe mid 30's).

She pulled my hand all of the sudden, and said. "Hey, you should enjoy!".
Although, I said I'm enjoying countless time, she keeps on saying that I'm not Happy.
I said I'm happy, I keep on talking to her in English and Japanese, but she won't listen.
I said I'm tired and I want to rest, so she grab a seat and leaned her body on me, heads on my shoulder.

We had some talk, she asked many things but I rarely remember some. She looks really drunk, I guess because she touched my body and when he touched the...... I insist that she should dance with the crowd. (This would be a trouble...)

So fortunately, my members returned and she surprisingly tried to undress one of our member, I was really surprised. Hahaha... and when other people in the bar saw that, they moved on her and a few more minutes we find our space to go at TGIF to kill time until the first train.

And when I thought we can safely stay here, there's a chinese guy who tried to touch the body of the japanese girl in our member. this chinese asked her, "where you're from", while trying to touch her shoulder. I'm sick of these guys and just word came out " Problem!?". I looked at him,and he turned his back and leave suddenly. I feel sorry that I surprised everyone, I just feel sad that some foreigner like me would do those things, giving japanese people a bad impression of us.

And finally the train.
I was rained all over from station to my room...
going out on a rainy night is not such a good idea...









どんな努力をやっても、誰かのためでも、いつも OKになる訳ありません。。。

Suntory PANDAO

Lunch at a Sushi Shop

One afternoon, my Japanese friends decided to pull some new form of amusement and want to see my reaction. They asked me if I have eaten raw fish before and I honestly said, NO. So we went at a Sushi shop. We are lucky, we are ahead of many people who have to wait while we eat.

And this shop is cheap. We can get any Sushi for just 105 yen. There are other things too, if for some reasons you want to eat something else (heck, why go to sushi shop if you won't eat sushi anyway), you can order deep fried breaded chicken or tempura, or takoyaki, and even some sweets like ice cream and cake. I also tried a beer here, which says Non-Alcoholic beer. I was warned though that it doesn't tastes good, and I learned that sometimes you have to learn to what natives tell you.... the bad way. Experience is indeed a good teacher, though not a mild one.
My friends won't even take a drop of it, hahaha.

Cheap Sashimi Sushi for just 105 yen

So that's it, if you want, you can just took anything there and pile the plates. Some sushi shops count all the things you ate thru the plate colors.

I tried many things, Salmon toro , Ikura (we made jokes here, like ikura wa ikura kakaru kana?), maguro, negi-toro, but I didn't have any chance to eat Ootoro here. My friends says that Ootoro is the best, so it sounds to me like a king of sushi. Ootoro is the fatty part of Tuna (Maguro) and they also said it melts in your mouth. So, I can imagine like it is like the fatty part from the corned beef, to which they agree. But they really want me to have a taste of it. One friend of mine really liked watching SMILE jdrama, so she is really pushing me to have a taste of it. Hahaha. Funny isn't it. Just because I'm a Philippine-jin.

So my opinion? Well this things are completely different from what I've eaten from Tokyo-Tokyo in Philippines. Perhaps they are worried that it won't sell much if it is really the same as the one here in Japan. Yeah, one might feel awkward about it, so be sure to add wasabi and take the pickled ginger. But once you've taken it, you will appreciate it too. On my part, I can't let my friends feel disappointed, so I tried this. They are eating these kind of foods, and maybe I should also try. It was great. Next time, a friend promised to take me to her place and have a taste of this Ootoro.

Green tea
Tea here is free so you can drink all you want. (or at least, maybe just in this shop).

We took too much, and we have to count the plates, so as to split the bill.

Number of plates for all the sushi
I wonder when can I eat this intriguing Ootoro...

Food Trip : eating classy foods for less

Eto ulit. dami kasi nag request ng 2nd part. Anyway, sabi ko nga sa previous post ko, kahit mahal dito, pwede ka pa rin mag enjoy. Wag lang kayo maniwala dun sa mga website na nagsasabing, wag kayo gumastos at hayaan nyo lang yung mga kasama nyo na Japanese ang gumastos, bad yun. Wag masyado kuripot, just spend as much as you can and keep contact. You'll be glad you did. Sabi din to sakin ng Engineer na nakausap ko before I went here in Japan (after ko pumasa sa jouhoushori).

If medyo malakas ka kumain, marami ditong resto na merong "viking lunch". Siguro kaya Viking tawag nila kasi malalakas kumain yung Viking. "Tabehoudai" kung tawagin sa Japanese. Eat-all-you-can. The catch? You have to eat on certain amount of time, usually 1 hour. Pero meron ding mga place na walang limit, as in hiya mo na lang, hahaha. Minsan, meron pa kami nakita na pinoy, aba me dalang plastic bag at dun nilalagay yung mga food. Sana po wag natin gayahin ito, kasi nakakahiya.

At kung ayaw mo naman kumain ng stiff, meron din mga places na me plan yung pagkain. Example here, 2,800 complete na. Appetizers, Main course and yung Banana Split. Pwede na yun, considering yung quality ng food.

Maraming way para mag tipid, pero merong practical na pagtitipid at yung maling pagtitipid.
Opinion ko lang. Yung matitipid mo na pera, it could have that value today, pero bukas, baka barya na lang yan. Pero yung experiences mo, with your friends, kahit pag tanda mo, maalala mo yun at pati sila din , maaalala nila yun. From the way na kakain kayo sa labas na onti lang yung dalang pera tapos maghahati sa bill, lahat yun... for me, gusto ko balikan someday at mapagusapan ulit with them.
Ikaw? Paano ka ba nagtitipid?


I just see this at the mail box....

I wonder when I'll get to taste this Ootoro..

Pagkain : Hindi ibig sabihin na magtitipid ka , kakain ka na lang ng kahit ano.

Hay, sabi nung isang nakakita ng previous post ko, "Pagkain ba yan o mukhang pagkain lang?". Ngek? Ano yun? Syempre pagkain naman yun. Mukha lang kakaiba, pero OK naman. Baka akala nyo kasi sa sobrang mahal dito, kumakain na lang kami para makaraos lang. Siguro 50% totoo yun. Ako, I admit, minsan pag merong oras, inaantay ko na mag ka discount yung pagkain, minsan up to 50%. Imagine, nakakabili ako ng mga 6 to 7 pieces ng tinapay for 99 yen each whereas yung normal price nun eh 210 yen.

Minsan, meron din katulad nito. Bale Okonomiyaki saka yung kalahati Takoyaki. Yung Okonomiyaki, para siyang pancake na yung halo eh either Octopus, some onion, etc. Tawag nga nila dun, Japanese Pizza, pero mas feel ko siya tawagin na Japanese Omelet. Yung Takoyaki naman, bilog na merong Octopus sa loob. Ilang beses na ako napapaso dito pag kumakain, so a piece of advice, wag kainin agad pag medyo tumagal sa Microwave ng mga 3-4 minutes tapos 550w. Or else, para kang nakakita ng batang kumain ng bagong saing na kanin at iniluwa agad.
By the way, nabili ko pala yun ng 190 yen lang (original price nya eh 380)

Eto naman yung Ramen. Naku maraming klase ng ramen dito, pero yung pinaka OK sakin yun Shouyuu Ramen. Yung iba kasi, hindi ko ma stand yung amoy, parang medyo mapanghi ba. Kakaiba yung amoy eh.

And wow, ano ang mga ito? Teka, kahit mukhang masarap yan, oo Tipid pa rin yan. Syempre, minsan minsan nagkakayayaan kami, napunta din naman kami sa OK na place, lalo na pag napasama kayo sa mga Japanese na babae, wow... kung pwede lang dadalahin nila kayo sa mala- Hanzel and Gretel na lugar. Kung pwede puro Ice Cream at chocolate na lang... Kawawa nga ako... Hindi ko kasi trip masyado yung mga matatamis eh, minsan nga nabigyan ako ng chocolate ng valentines, sabi ko.. Hindi ako kumakain ng masyado matamis, aba umiyak... ayun, next time bigay sa akin, cookies na lng daw.. sinita din ako ng mga friends ko, sabi nila "kakkowarui" as in, "lame" daw. so Minsan, as for "Tatemae"matters, sige pag binibigyan nila ako ng Chocolate, kinukuha ko na lang. Medyo parang ka plastican satin to, but that is not the case. Later I will post something here, about yung sinasabi nila na ka-plastican.

Yung nasa taas, brownies yan. Sa Fridays. Medyo hindi ako mahilig sa matamis, pero ang masarap dyan, me ice cream sa taas, tapos yung brownies fresh from oven pa, kaya yung ice cream unti- unting natutunaw... To be fair, masarap talaga cya. Tuwang tuwa nga yung mga Japanese na babae, kasi kinain nila yung part ko.. hahaha

Eto naman Chicken Steak... Masarap din to.. Mukhang mahal di ba? Actually, nung kumain kami dito, inabot kami ng mahigit 5000 yen, kasama na ung unlimited drinks.. Pero, tipid pa rin to.. dapat mag suggest ka ng "Hatian", sabihin mo lang... "Warikan ni shiyou".

Yung una nga, niloloko pa ako.. "gochisousama deshita daw..." sinasabi kasi to sa nanglibre ng nilibre.... so yung sinabi sakin to, sabi ko.... "sore ni suru to, kimi tachi wa firipinjin no dansei ni shoukai shinai yo!" - (Pag ganyan ginawa nyo, hindi ko kayo ipapakilala sa mga friends ko na pinoy). ayun, sabay labasan ng mga wallet. hahaha.

I'll definitely miss them.

MS SQL Queries

exec sp_databases

SELECT DATEADD(hh, 9, '20030117')

hh = hours
s = seconds



Unwind @ Roppongi

Dinner with Pinoy friends

It was friday so we are at TGIF Roppongi. Hahaha.. It's been a while when I last went out with Pinoy friends because my Japanese friends sometimes demand that I stay with them. Well, first we went early at Roppongi and meet up with Neth's friend who happens to work at other company. Followed up my other Filipino friend and an Italian. Then we went to the same dance spot, but it is less crowded than before, probably because it is Friday and those party people are probably saving energy for Saturday night.

It was tough for me because I had this terrible "sore" at tounge, and sometimes I can't even speak well.. *ouch*

Anyway, it was fun! ^_^

What happened to Google Ajax results?

First I thought this is just on my home PC but when I checked on office, it is the same.

What could have happened to this? The characters get bolder anyway and sometimes it suggest a search term with URL too..

C# Developers can now develop many things

Things are getting good now. And I can't wait to start developing my "Hello World" test programs on there platforms. I really liked C# and I use it on most of my development projects. Learning C# is made easy for me because I'm already familiar with Javascript when I started and I just have to apply more object oriented things, whereas Javascript is just like C#, but a bit loose. This also helped me learn PHP, so for me, I consider PHP like Javascript running on server. I already made many C# applications, from windows applications and services, websites, etc. What I liked here is that, whatever I can do in windows programming can also be done remotely on ASP. So, if you are so customer oriented you decided that each time somebody visit a page in your web, you want some music to play on your computer, that is very possible.

Here are the links to check.


iPhone and Wii

Probably I need to purchase an iPhone first and Wii to test these things. Also I need to get familiar with the Mono project and a new laptop would be nice.

If there would be some PSP development framework for C#, I'll disassemble my PSP asap if necessary. hahaha.

First case of Swine Flu in Philippines

Now, Philippines had the first case of AH1N1 - Swine Flu Virus. It is said that a young girl who recently visited Canada and US reported to suffer from cough , fever, and sore throat. There is no outbreak since they isolated the host to prevent it. More details here

What worries me is that, what will happen to those infected with this. Since there isn't any announced cure for this (as of today), most of them probably lose hope. But I believe one of these days, a cure would be available.

Summer in a few days

It's getting hot again and I find it hard to breathe again inside trains or even in narrow places. Our apartment once again feels like inside a rice cooker (well it is inside a multi-food kitchen when my room mate cooks. mix of foods from days of cooking).

But I like Summer nights, because I can see 花火 (Hanabi - Fireworks Display) again. You can see those Japanese ladies, young and aged wear Yukata and go with their friends and loved ones. Sometimes, this event often become a reunion for childhood friends and old classmates because once they join the working society, they pretty have less time to meet people other than people they work with.

I want to hit the Reset button... I feel like this is the only thing I can do, since a "Try Again" won't be granted.

Swine Flu in Tokyo and Kanagawa

A japanese just told me, that the swine flu outbreak already reach Tokyo.

I might as well buy a flu mask and wear it.


Everyone gone panic and I can't even find myself a flu mask to buy.

Almost everyone on the streets wear flu mask to lessen the infection of this swine flu virus.

From ASP.NET to the MVC version

Probably, those who are already satisfied with ASP.NET 2.0 willnot find the ASP.NET MVC comfortable. I always hear grumble like, "Hey, the best feature of ASP.NET is their drag and drop web controls, now in this MVC, is it a back to classic ASP scenario?".

Well, this is a big NO. I can't enumerate all of the new features, but my personal advice is to stick with the MVC package. This, however requires you to update your .NET version to be able to use all of the new features (LINQ-TO-SQL, .mvc , routing, etc).

Now, the things I like about ASP.NET MVC are the following.

1. View>SourceCode => Whoa! The viewstate is gone! The meaningless bunch of text are not visible in the code anymore. This is a good improvement. Those data should not appear in the source code since it is not necessary to be there.

2. Routing => This is really good. You don't have to put all those question marks just to keep track of your querystring data. And this is somehow neat.

3. Isolation of Concerns => yeah. One of the best things there. Working on the back end? Just deal with the model and controllers. Front End? then just work with the views and the scripts & stylesheets.

And AJAX? How do I use my old ajax there. Don't hit the panic button bud, it is still there. Just access your controller page, add controller method, write that ajax method and don't return the view, just write it like you would on your old app. It still works and just throw the data you sent, not all the page data.

The only thing I don't like is the server restart required when installing all the required updates from 2.0. But if it would be on my own decision and can announce a maintenance schedule, then I'll go for it.

How about you?

When will you decide for that change?

Roppongi: Finished my task at a whim... and a small quest

The day started like this. I'm supposed to meet a friend and go spend some time in Odaiba but for some odd reasons, I slept late and woke up, half-asleep in toilet and return to slumber until I woke up again and it is past 3:30pm. I decided for a short walk and returned back only to realize I'm still bored. So I decided to go to Roppongi.

Tokyo tower is really visible at night.

After disembarking at Roppongi station, I head first to the nearest Starbucks. There I slowly think about what to do there, as I watch the black guys intimidate prospect customers for their pub. I don't know if this is effective, but for me it is rather uncomfortable to be invited in a such way. I understand it is their work, so whenever I would get past by and compliment me like

"Hey man, I like the way you dress, I like the way you bring yourself, you're handsome, smile a lot there are many Japanese girls waiting for you at my pub. I'll give you free drink, just stay there. Also, if you want some Russians, just tell me"

Which even makes me feel uncomfortable. Also, there would be some asians who would approach you for massage services (or more, if you know what I mean). Then, I get tired and just remembered my task there. There is a UFO Catcher place there and I need to catch a "PIG" stuff toy.

So, I walked a little and find the shop. And yes, just as informed it is a pig stuff animal. But what there is 3 kinds of it. The one holding 4-leaf clover, one holding a star and one holding a heart. And am I struck with difficult luck, I need to get the one holding a heart.

First try, I failed. It seems that once you don't do things on practice, you lose your touch. So, I decided a 500 yen, 6 times play and fortunately, my skill (and luck on this, only on UFO catcher) grants me the target.


But should I go home now? It is Saturday night and I'm at Roppongi, one of the lively Tokyo place at night. I got my target, so probably spending some time isn't bad. But before even leaving the place, I was approached by a young Japanese girl who speaks little bit of English asking me to sell the piglet I just took from the UFO catcher. It seems that this thing gets popular because of the j-Drama called "SMILE", and when I took a closer look, yeah it says the same. "Make a wish to the piglet". The girl seems willing to pay less than or equal to 10,000 yen but I don't like to take the risk and try it again. I believe that if you abuse something, it will backfire really soon so, even if I like to, I didn't sell it. (I also would be scolded for this if I do...)

So, first I stayed outside a bar and watched the people as they go. I have to hide the stuff animal I took to prevent grabbing attention. Everyone would always say.."Cute! Can you sell this to me, please!". While waiting outside, I saw a Japanese Officemate who works at the Media Division. I tried to wave at him, but I was ignored. Maybe he is really drunk.

Then, I was approached by 3 Japanese ladies, asking me about the bar where obviously I didn't went. One lady asked me, "How's this place?". So I said, I don't know, since I didn't go there. And this followed by, "Are you from Thailand?". And I said, No, I am from Phillippines. And this Japanese girl, asked her friend, "行ったことあったじゃん、フィリピン"(You've went to Philippines, right?). And the other Japanese girl think, and to my surprise, said "Kare-kare"( a philippine dish). They seems having difficulty speaking English, so I speak with them in Japanese. The other girl thinks I'm not interested, so they went to the other bar and the other girl just waved bye and winked at me. This is also good since I don't have any plans to spend time with them. I want to try something new.

I tried to walk inside Don-Q and looked for the stuffs that they sell. And there is even costumes here, but I think it is safe to let any guy friend you have to buy it for you, as those things are included near the adult material things.

Then, I returned at the same bar. I first looked for the 3 Japanese ladies I met earlier, and didn't see them so I hurriedly entered the pub. It was crowded and when I entered, I took a casis and talked to some people who approached me. This was different compared to the first time I've been here.

So out of boredom, I hopped on the other lively club and everyone is dancing. I just took SanMiguel beer out of nostalgia. This club (MoTown) is much alive, since everyone is dancing. I looked around and saw a Japanese lady dancing alone. No one gives any attention to her, so I feel like sorry that nobody does. She looked in her mid 30's and somehow resembled the face of a friend I knew, but just a little. I also catch her many times staring at me. So when she decided to stay lean on the wall, I tried to approach her.

I had a little talk and she said that she is broken hearted out of nowhere. She said her boyfriend before is an English man and complained that he doesn't want to do IT with her. Well, probably it is really the case. So I feel like doing something to cheer her up, so when she invited to dance, I danced with her, I sucked at it anyway but everyone there too, so I guess it doesn't really matter as long as you're there.

She is really drunked, when she dance I really have to take an eye at her because if not, it is either she will hit the wall hard or fall on the floor. Yet she said she want to dance. I ordered another SanMiguel (900 yen each), because once you don't hold a drink next to you, you need to go out. After dancing there, she suggest we move on the center where the crowd gets wild. So, I just went with her and danced like others do. There are Indian guys who really take advantage of the situation, I saw them grabbing Japanese girls breast and ass. And I see how these Japanese girls react, of course they don't like it but becomes tolerable as everyone is going party wild.

Then, when we are dancing, she stopped dancing and stared at a guy walking behind me. I asked her why? and she said, an Indian guy grab her ass. So, I looked and asked her "このやろうか?"(This bastard?). And when she said yes, I tried to make things like an accident and purposely bumped on the guy really hard he hit others like a billiard ball does. She was laughing too much, probably she is surprised that somebody would offer her some help. And again, this Japanese said "Arigatou" countless times. Japanese are like these, they are very expressive in thanking others.

After that, we danced more until a fat English man seemed caught his eyes on her. This English man approached her (completely stranger), and the gracefully dancing Japanese (Emiko) stopped just to closely listen to the English guy. The English guy is also looking at me, and back to her, maybe thinking he is getting on my bounds, which I really don't mind as I'm in no way related to her, I just want to help her turn the pouting side of her face to a bright smiley one. I want to at least say that I would go to give them some time, but she never looked at me so I guess I should leave them. Quickly, I finished my 2nd bottle and sneaked away to the toilet and to the exit.

I was dead tired, I never danced like that before and even if I would have a girlfriend, I won't take her to such place. Good thing I prefer quiet place for such thing and some relaxing music is OK, not eardrum breaking sounds. I returned to the first pub and check my things especially the piglet I took. I was talking to the piglet like a drunked old man, saying "付き合ってくれて、ありがとう。" (this was on purpose) and suddenly, I hear chuckles from young ladies behind me.


It was already morning. Slightly raining, I tried to wait for the station to open and happen to see some fellow Pinoy. At first, I stopped and listened to their conversation. When a Pinay walked with a American boyfriend, they called the girl "Ate!". The girl looked at them and asked what? But they didn't say anything and when the girl turned her back, they said "ayos, kabayan. imported a" . So, I looked at them and smile. They smile back and didn't start any conversation with me. Also, when a hot chick Japanese girl would pass by, they would like "nampa" approach them, either by trying to hold their hand or pointing on the ground where the girl is. I don't know their plans, but I think they're giving pinoys a bad impression. they address themselves as gangsters like.

So here it is , the aftermath. I was tired myself, I want to take a long sleep.

Are going spend an all night out in Roppongi? Just take care as too much light can be dazzling in the eye.

あれ、何これ? Surprise in Mailbox (part 2)

Ah, what is this? This is getting interesting so I'll just make a tag called Surprise-Box.

This time, it is an ad for some insecured women. Japan is like this, every morning you have to dump all the fliers that you don't need, else your mailbox will be choked. And also, keep in mind that some important documents might get included between these fliers.

MC Donald's Food Stub?

McDonalds in Japan has a new promo. Just after few months ago, the Japanese government gave handout cash to everyone legally living in Japan.(Read from GaijinTavern ). Which cost 12,000 yen (or more, if you have kids or you're above 60). They put several items on coupon book like meals and drinks which sums total to 20,000 yen but can be purchased for 12,000 yen.

McDonald Food Coupon

Good thing if you find yourself frequently eating at MCdonalds.

more details here

ASP.NET: Properly Setting Hyperlinks in Gridview

When selecting data fields, one must properly specify these required properties.

DataNavigateUrlFields - fields that will be used as an input to the

DataNavigateUrlFormatString - formating of the URL

ex - page.aspx?id={0}, where {0} is the value of DataNavigateUrlField you specified.

DataTextField - the data to display. You may choose to specify data from database here, or some static text.

Oftentimes, I bind these things with AJAX methods and properly setting it up is one of the requirements I need to do. I just remembered my old days where I let javascript navigate all rows which is not practical and also time consuming.


I was studying Japanese language, and just heard this song and I thought it was great.

Aqua Timez – ALONES

君は少し 青すぎる空に疲れただけさ

賑わうパーティー 豪華なシャンデリアとは裏腹に
窪みを何で埋めたらいいんだろう もうわからないや
せめて夢の中で自由に泳げたら あんな空もいらないのに

昨日までのことを塗り潰さなくても 明日に向かえるのに

君は少し 青すぎる空に疲れただけさ

汚れた愛を叫んでみるけれど もどかしくて

傷口はやがて かさぶたに変わってゆく
君はそれを待たず とても美しく とても儚げで…

今は無理に 誰かの事を愛そうと思わなくていいのに


Why do we feel so alone anytime?
Why do we feel so alone anytime?

Now, I remember someone who's like an angel who smiles for others, and often for herself.
I hope she's doing fine, happy and safe all the time.

あ、何これ? A surprise on your mailbox.

Whenever I would check my mailbox, I am not surprised anymore if I would recieve things like seen below. I have to edit it to protect the rights of those who run this business, since it is legal here (Tokyo). Yes it is. At first, I can't hardly believe, but I guess kind of things happen as long as there is a barter of interest, someone willing to do anything for money and someone willing to give anything for their desires.

Surprising Promo in Japan I asked few people about this and this kind of thing also have a catch. First, let's check on the ads. It can be paid easily using many convinient methods. Kissing, and other things is OK but you can't change partners once it is settled. Also, for those who are wishing that they would meet Japanese here, read first. Someone I asked have tried going in this kind of things and he said, they we're not Japanese but Taiwanese, Koreans, Chinese, Vietnamese, Brazilians and some Pinay too. And most of the times, they are , what I called "Photo-genic". Well, I know my definition could be wrong but what I mean there is that they are just good-looking on photo and they are depressing to look at in real (based on what he said to me). Also, these people have one goal in mind, to drain you of your money. So when you are in the mid of your climax, you would be stopped and asked to pay more to continue.

Maybe some places do have Japanese but I won't find it out, I'm not desperate to do it.

On top, it says 1hr and 20 minutes for 20,000 yen, 1hr and 40 minutes for 25,000 yen, 2 hours for 30,000 yen. If you could just saved those money, and kept it, and let the USD vs JPY convertion fluctuate on your side, then you can even buy more things, other than spending short amount of time where you risk getting disease and worst, losing respect to yourself. Why?

Because life is more than this. If you let money manage all of your things, someday you'll just lose your value, which depends on something you can't hold forever.

There are things money can't buy.

What do you think?


When developing a new system, one think I always consider is "Compatibility". Will my application work on major browsers? What if I need to access it somewhere remotely? Thus, ending up with a version one "Web 1.0" and version two "Ajaxified".

Most Web application I've seen won't even bother for a version 2, because they think it is cumbersome and is not that necessary. But, aren't they forgetting something? Developers are there to make user experience better, by simplifying the things that they have to do. They may be office staffs who are really tired doing their daily task and if they have to think hard just to use the system is just like asking them to do some extra work.

So, as much as possible I make version one in a whim and do version two. Afterall, the eye catching effects should be done on this stage. I first use XML formatted data. (it could be dHTML on the run) and if javascript is enabled, use JSON (afterall, no javascript in JSON makes it some data which would appear greek to non-technical users).


Okay, today I am starting again another blog, probably one of those I can't frequently update or even add to the grave of my other blogs, but somehow I'll post here when I feel like it.

Ok, this is to answer all those who mailed me about passing ECE licensure examination and/or JITSE/PhilNITS. Don't be mad if I say that I honestly think you're just fearing the unknown. Probably, you even have what it takes to top the board or even get top scores, who knows. But, the only thing I'm sure of is that, you'll have to exert effort and sacrifice some time studying. I remember on my pre-board days, I spend almost 16 hours studying, in a self-detained room with all the books and some papers. I'm not a fast learner, so sometimes I think of a way to keep my mind ticking.

There is a book, it could be from Blake, Thomasi , etc. Then I answer all the chapter review questions and as much as possible highlight some important facts. And here is the self-tormenting part. If in anyway I forgot even one of the items, I'll repeat it from the start over again. That is for non-gifted like me. And would you believe, I don't also have that much luck. When I took the Mathematics part of the board exam, I counted all the items that I'm really sure that I've answered well. Those are easy problems like Algebra, Trigonometry, some Differential and Integral calculus. And to be honest, if you took really advance topics, you might feel bad because the questions are basic but BROAD in a sense that one topic deal with this and another one with this. But all of those are very simple problems. If you don't know how to apply some formula to the case of problem, that's is where the trouble begins. Back to my score, I said to a colleague, I answered this much in Mathematics exam and he answered sarcastically, "Wow, di papasa ka nyan. Buti ka pa...." which I really don't mind, until when we receive our scores. To my dismay, I didn't even get a correct guess from those I didn't answered well.

After that, some of my batchmates really felt bad. Some just disappeared and didn't even answered our phone calls since then. Perhaps, this is the aftermath of the exam. If you pass, does it mean you're much better than them? And if you fail, does it mean you just wasted your 5-year unversity study? A big NO.

First of all, that is just a license, it won't even guarantee your future. It will still depends on you. Some of my batchmates are really feeling high after passing it, making an isolation from those who passed and those who didn't. Some land jobs easily, but now some of those who didn't pass enjoy much better lifestyle now. It is not the end of the world if you fail, but still it is a challenge destined for you to fulfill.

And next, PhilNITS/JITSE (情報処理の試験 - jouhou shori no shiken).

If you ask me, I think this is much difficult than board exams. Why? First of all, this is a Japanese Standards exam. The contents of the examination are translated poorly making it hard to understand (on my time, way back October 2006). And you are not allowed to use calculator. And yeah, you have to do it manually even for those exponential decay, etc...

JITSE/PhilNITS consist of two exam. AM and PM. AM part is almost theoretical. This includes computation, some general knowledge about Japanese IT standards, and some general IT info. PM part is technical programming and algorithm. They say that once you passed this exam, you are eligible to apply a working visa in Japan as an IT Engineer, but maybe not true in all case. When I took this, I was hoping that everyone will be JITSE/PhilNITS passers but , no. Still, it is another experience. I also missed these days when I was taking review all day, eating lots of Tuna Sandwich and overdosing myself with coffee on the exam day.

But one piece of advice. Even if you pass these, it will not guarantee you a sure job. That will still depend on yourself. It is an eyesore to see people who think they just got above of others just because they pass the exam and others don't. If you pass, just be grateful... and prepare for more challenges.

Mother's day (May 10)

It is Mother's day here in Tokyo, I decided to have an agreement with a fellow co-worker who resigned. He asked me to buy flower for his future mother-in-law (yaru ne, JP-chan ^-^).
So I asked my Japanese groupies, where should we buy? They suggest me Aoyama flower shop. There are really good flowers, but if you would look at the picture below, you would probably wait aroung 30 minutes just to pay. Everyone is buying flowers, cakes, etc.

My friend and I both agreed to pick the flower below. It cost quite much, but I think it is OK and a sufficient way to thank our mothers. I even look for the meaning of the flowers. And the Japanese names.

アルストロメリア = strength

ユリ = prosperity

バラ = love

アジサイ = understanding

ヒエンソウ = saintliness

クイーンアンズレース = protection

アヤメ、アイリス = faith, hope, wisdom and valor (an Iris means all of these)

That is also additional knowledge for me. I also sent a message to a Japanese friend, who is a Mother. She said she enjoyed time with kids and also sent her mother shirt and jacket.
Me, I sent a Black-Forest Cake to my Mom thru my conniving friend.

How about you?


はじめまして、^_^ です。








Children's Day (May 5)

Today is a national Holiday called "Children's Day -子供の日".

One can notice the Koi streamer (Carp like flag) on some places. It is a symbol of strength and wishes to be successful in life. Too bad, it rained the whole day so, most of the streamers I've seen are almost indoors.

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