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Web Dev Matters and Me

Japanese Entertainment: Hilarious, but to what extent?

At first try, it is really funny and really do pulled a laugh from me, but sometimes I feel worried because, in a 3rd person point of view, we can enjoy, but how about those who got themselves fooled.

Well, I hope they got some money or two for being part of the show.

Slowly killing time: Shibuya

A typical scene at Shibuya, Tokyo.
I always enjoy looking from above, watching busy people crossing the street.
I feel like time moves slowly and very relaxing.

Another apocalypse movie: 2012

I just watched the trailer of this new movie, 2012. It may sounds like another "Independence Day" or "The day after tomorrow". Just by looking at the trailer, I can imagine the work they've done using those effects, earthquake, volcano, destruction, etc.

The story? The earth will be destroyed on 12/12/2012.

Hoping for this to show in nearby theaters.

Finding a picture to fit on… TOKYO


I just realized how hard it is to live alone in Tokyo. I mean all by yourself, having no company to help you with the accommodation, finding job, etc.

Consider this scenario. If one would try to find job here, first a shelter is necessary. There's no problem in food as you can just find everything you need in a nearby convenience store if cooking is a hassle and having limited budget. If you still find those convini foods to be expensive, try waiting around 9 – 11pm and the price will surely go down. Usually you can see this kanji引き (biki) preceeded by a number, which means, % discount. So if you see a bentou box with 500 yen tag and with 20%引き, it means you only have to pay 400 yen for it. And if you can see this ,


(hangaku) it means 50% discount or HALF – PRICE.

The condition to find yourself an apartment is that, you must have a WORK to start with or you must have a Japanese guarantor, someone who would stand there in case you would run from paying the rent (of course we know we won't do it, but there are different people too and we can't blame the owners).

There is an option, but quite expensive. Staying on sakura houses might not be a bad idea. I can have my own room, having shared bathroom, toilet, kitchen, etc with other foreigners. With that amount per month, I can already rent my own apartment, provided I have Japanese guarantor and a present job. The monthly rent is really shocking if you would take Tokyo central places. But might suffer if you have to commute very far.

The picture above is taken while I was inside a coffee shop. I was surprised because this pigeon walked from the park all the way to this place, and even waited for the traffic lights too. It walked all the way just to mingle with people in the coffee shop, hoping that they would at least share a part of what they are taking, quite a picture, isn't it.

My 2nd year in Tokyo

Whew, I almost forgot that it was my second year here in Tokyo, Japan. How time really flies and I couldn't remember the things that happened, as I can still feel things as if they happened yesterday.


Then I just found myself in Shibuya... I haven't eaten anything, but just before I entered some place where I can eat, I already placed a ticket to Den-EnToshi line... I just feel weird, I take the train. Then after seating, I enjoyed looking outside the window, looking at places that feels like familiar.

Then, thinking it was already far, I disembarked at Nagatsuta. I was amazed, I went all the way here, I don't even know if someone I knew used to live here, or by any chance I might bump on some fellow "Kababayan"...

Then, I want to move a little bit more, but my tummy is already complaining. I planned to go through the last stop of JR Yokohama, but I end up disembarking at the very next station, Naruse.

The place is somewhat different from Tokyo, it is like a province.

I happen to pass by a bridge, and beneath is a cemetery. There is also a water gate next to it, controlled by a sluice gate somewhere. I walked straight and straight, looking a something that I can't even describe, but I feel like I need to go there. Very weird, but it gave me a good exercise walking.

Then on this (I saw some sign, Aobayama, nantoka... something.. I'm getting drowsy since Ihaven't eaten anything and I'M tired and also quite exhausted because of the rain torrents, walking without the umbrella ....). I felt really worried. I looked around and at night time, it seems really dark on these areas. I hope somebody has been there for them, that those who do this act can't do their foolish acts without getting a fight or something..

I think I really lost my way. I tried to look for taxi, but can't find one. There are bus stops but I think they go to other direction. I can't see some kanji that I've seen on the station. So I just continued walking.

And then, I reached here, going out to a place that I believe I've been.
I feel like, I was looking for a missing fragment of my memory. It feels strange, and I felt like I've been here before. This looks like a school. I was looking at the big clock near the field. I looked for students busy running around the school, chatting, parting ways....

somehow I feel relieved and smiled... I decided to just rest at the nearby pasta restaurant. 学校のClockに見ながら、ゆっくりして、にこにこ笑わせた。 ^_^

Then... after some time, I went back home. It was a long day.
quite tiring, but I feel great. I don't know what I've found, but somehow I feel satisfied.

Making A Web Crawler :

I have thought of this for many times and wondered, how to Google, Yahoo! and other search engines do this stuffs, sniffing all the net info? Does every page have to submit to their directory?

Well constant thinking gave me an idea, and somehow I think I can also make one using C#.

Their algorithm probably runs like this (I could be wrong, but this is just an assumption based on what I percieve as possible).

First, this program will check things from until it reach
Then, for every dataset result on each page landing on every tick of the IP, this bot will check the contents, and will try to read all HTML elements, or just the contents. After which he will follow, if those are links to other document, using the root IP. If it detects an error (404 - Not Found), it will try the other part, and also will try to check files on every directory. Then this will save the contents on the DB, and also try to check the links to where it points to do a new scan.

So maybe, sometimes we have to submit our site to these search engine because it could take time for the bots to crawl on every pages. Another thing that these web bots can detect are the "GET" request, which get cached.

So far that is the fundamental, I think. And the other things like meta analysis, checking based on contents and other black SEO practices done based on that Search engine policies.

Web Layouts: What differs a Graphics Designer from Web Designer

When I was given a web project, I started to read some details to get opinions of other people. This is different from just dragging and dropping things in your visual IDE and worst, you might suffer later for cross browser compatibility (say hello to IE 6).

So because of this cross browser rendering issues, these layouts are used.

The Ice Cube Box

-these kind of websites tend to stay on the left side of the screen. They "STATICALLY" stay there,in such a way that they would be "SOMEHOW" rendered in that position. It is true, this will stay aligned to the left, but one big disadvantage of this is, when users who have resolution greater than the static dimension (w, h), things from their view will not be balanced.

The Jelly Box

-these kind of websites tend to stay on the middle of the screen. This layout address to the ICE CUBE Box limitation, the lack of "Balance". They are still somewhat "STATICALLY" measured, adjusting to the lowest possible browser resolution (I still consider 760px , although sometimes I fear those who use 640 x 480 resolution). Most who do this use the 760 px adjustment, thinking that most users still hae 800 x 600 px resolution. Since this stays in the middle of your screen, eerything appears to be proportionally balanced. However, since the dimensions are still statically set, this layout will waste some of the space, that you can also use to add some elements, or maybe additional ads space to earn extra.

The Liquid Layout

- Finally, to address those holes. The Liquid layout is dynamically adjusted, depending on the user's resolution. To accomplish this, you should not give an element some fixed value if they would act as "CONTAINER" for other elements (adjust to page element on percentage units). This is quite hard to accomplish, so you have to check every browsers, especially IE. Add some extra space, in such a way that if rendering error occur, your layout won't suffer much. Other thing is to reset all element renderings to have a uniform setting for all elements. Most of these I saw online are ice-boxed,liquid type since they adjust from LEFT. I would rather prefer the Liquid-Jelly layout, since it would appear more balanced.

I've seen many websites, and sometimes I still see people using the old approach for image switchovers (Javascript), preloader (still Javascript, duh)...and even some people who give form driven name some kanji or katakana or hiragana names... (Ouch). well, we can always learn from experience and someday we'll be able to do things in a more appropriate way.

OK. To answer the question. Graphics Designer are gurus when it comes to desktop publishing, but a Web Designer is someone who can extend those skills to a higher level.

Akihabara : A glimpse of a tradegy...

Offerings at Akihabara Stabbing rampage
At first glimpe, you would think that those are some garbage, I suppose. But a closer look, they are really flowers, drinks, snacks and others used as an offering for those who died in Akihabara last year, a stabbing rampage.

Japan's working lifestyle is reall strict. One mistake, you'll become an outcast. No body invites you to group parties, no body informs you about recent company policy or event, everybody mobs you on their conversation after work, etc.... very unforgiving in such a way, someone who experience those would most likely to be violent, do something sneaky, just to adjust for such unfair act.

Because of this, he tried to express himself in such a way that his existance will not be ignored. He posted several message to a Social Networking Site, and when he arrived at Akihabara, randomly stabbed everyone after he hit pedestrians using the truck he drove.

Akihabara @ Night - a year after the stabbing rampageI also feel sorry for them and also for this guy, who didn't find a way to prove everyone that they are wrong about him.

Ginza: Back to Feudal Tokyo?

Jinrikisha in Tokyo, Ginza
What is this? Am I seeing this right? Am I in Tokyo, year 2009?

I recalled my world history lessons when I saw this. Also, one of the things that Jose Rizal didn't like when he visited Japan. This man-pulled cart called "Jin-Riksha".

I tried to look inside the window, but it is hard to see. Maybe this is some special service. Sometimes, I can also pedal powered taxi here, streets of Ginza.

Jinrikisha running on Ginza

Function evaluation disabled because a previous function evaluation timed out. You must continue execution to reenable function evaluation.

Function evaluation disabled because a previous function evaluation timed out. You must continue execution to reenable function evaluation.

this error ticks me, I'm running this parser program I make since monday night and I'm stuck with just one month.

I'll try a work around on this since I use the debugger CLI from VS 2k5 which is rumored to be a "BUG".

I also tried to clean up the code and divide the load because I have to take text (if you know SQL datatypes, you know how big is this) long datas and roughly 3 million row that I have to parse, something which my computer running 1 GB, Pentium D can't stand, it can't even fill a datatable with all those data. >_<

So, my workaround is to just get some id, then get another query specific to that ID, so in that way I'll be able to see the progress per row processed and, should not end up like the first attempt, since I'm only storing integers in datatables. I'll POST later for this breakpoint thrilling debug.

*UPDATE* Things seems to work now, but only insert row at 1 row per sec, my notebook at home is much faster than this computer....>_<

Lesson Learned: "It is hard to be deprived..."

Ano ba ang "Plastic" sa Japanese?

Minsan, natanong ko na rin to sa sarili ko. Ano nga ba yun?...


Nung dumating ako dito, sobrang excited ako. I want to meet many friends, so as much as possible, I keep on my mind all the things that would most likely open up a conversation, a lively one. So, when I do, parang ang naging dating sa kanila, immature. Yung laging nakangiti (smiling face ba lagi), ang dating sa kanila nun hindi ka seryoso sa mga ginagawa mo. Pati yung mga usual natin na ginagawa sa pinas, hindi katulad yun dito...from here, pumapasok yung term na "Tatemae".

Meron silang saying, na minsan natanong ko sa pinoy na sempai. "Honne to Tatemae ga chigau".. Ibig sabihin, mag-kaiba yung tunay na personality sa personality na ipinapakita. So, may mga time na meron tayong ka officemate na Haponesa, tapos parang ang sweet-sweet satin, it doesn't necessarily mean na gusto nila tayo. I'm also not saying na malabo mangyari yun, pero usually Tatemae yun. Sa mga Japanese kasi, napakaimportante ng Work life, kasi most of their life dito na napupunta, well depende pa rin sa Japanese to, kasi meron ako kilala na Japanese, super bait nya mas pinili nya na mag volunteer work, than to earn money here.

Anyway. back to the topic. Ayun, gusto kasi nila makapag work sila ng maayos, so para mangyari yun, dapat as much as possible wala ka kaaway sa work. Yun ang Tatemae, minsan hindi sila talaga umiinom ng alak, pero para magandang pakikisama, iinom sila. Parang ganito rin sa atin, although at some point, parang ka-plastican ito, di ba? Pero I think, for a good cause.

Tapos isa pa, example kunwari meron ka bagong hairdo, tapos pag nakita ka nila, sasabihin nila "Wow, ayos ng buhok mo.. kakkoii". Pero sa loob loob nila, "Hala, saang carnival ka nanggaling? Nag cosplay ka ba?"... dito naman Pumapasok yung isang term, na ang tawag e "Omoteura ga aru"....

One notable na nangyari sakin na ganito, isang beses merong Japanese na me hawak ng main computer. So yung computer na to, dito ako gumagawa ng mga applications ko, usually web application. Ginawa nun, nagbigay sya sakin ng access, naka CC sa ibang japanese. tapos, nung aaccess ko na yung computer, ayaw... Yun pala, mali yung binigay sakin. nung lumapit ako, aba, eh iba iba yung case nung username and password, mali pa yung spelling. Para sakin, eto ang tunay na ka plastican. Pero parang doble kara ito, so kahit biro wag nyo sana sabihin sa Japanese. kung sa atin, parang pag sinabi mo, "sus, plastik mo..." , matatawa pa tayo. Sila, hindi....

And another thing, napaka sensitive nila sa pagkakamali. Make a mistake and you're lucky if pagbigyan ka nila ng pagkakataon.

At sana, wag nyo isipin na lahat ng Japanese ganito. Meron din mababait na Japanese, parang sa atin din, or kahit saang lugar. Every place is a forest, ika nga..

One Coin Internet

I was surprised to see this. On top of Tokyo being the most expensive city to live in, there are still some bits of cheap things found in limited place.

TOKYO - One Coin InternetUsing 100 yen, you can use the computer. This is useful when you're dying to check mails. (I was like this before...)

Shiodome @ Night

Just to share some view I took at top of Shiodome towers.
Top of Shiodome TowersIt was really cool. A sight on top of very tall tower. From this point, I can see the busy streets of Tokyo.

Yakiniku : Han no Daidokoro (Kitchen of Han)

My friends said Philippines people really like BBQ. But I said, of course maybe everyone does, with the exception of those who are vegetarians. When I take them to a Yakiniku Tabehoudai (eat all you can) place, they said they don't feel like eating within span of time, so this time I was taken to a different place.

The name of the place reminds of a Korean dynasty, Han. It is indeed, Han's daidokoro. (Kitchen of Han).

Han's Kitchen - Yakiniku in Tokyo

very nice yakinikuI can't say more about this place. They really give good service. They replace the grill every other minute, because it gets black if you grilled things in there.

Hi technology Yakiniku

If you look at the table, you can see that technology in Tokyo improved their daily lives, the grill can be controlled here, and also it has some sort of a clock that will show how long it is used. This is not chargable to customers though, I think they put it there so they can estimate how much their monthly electric bill will cost.

Tounge of Cow - yakinikuSo we tried this. I forgot what this one is called , but this meet is one part of Cow's Tounge.

Yakiniku plate
And we took this much. It was not as much as "gatsu-gatsu" in tabehoudai, but this is great. We had a good time talking and not rushing to fires.

Wagyuunigiri - Beef Sushi
And, I was quite hesitant to eat this. I just had my sashimi eating lessons few weeks ago but this time, no.. it was not yet the Ootoro, I'm reserving that for some special day. This is what they call "Wagyuu Nigiri". It is "RAW" Beef.

At first I thought I can't eat it, but I just put the wasabe I can and the ginger I can and the garlic I can and the soy sauce. And I ate one. Oishikatta~~~Yo!

Steam Turtle : Shiodome

After the Shogi sights, we went to Shiodome and look what we saw, a steaming turtle. It is like a Geyzer.

caretta fountain - steam turtle tokyo

An event at Shimbashi : Shogi Game?

Shogi EventMy friends and I decided to do "Machiawase" (wait) at Shimbashi station. I was there and after 15 minutes of waiting, got bored and walked around. Then, I saw this interesting event. It is like a tourney, where everyone would play a boardgame.

Shimbashi EventThis one is called, Shogi. This is the Japanese chess.

And this one is the game we knew, "Chess". And they also have some limited move puzzle.
Chess Shogi
I was amazed. Both young and old played shogi and chess, they played as if they we're just playing with some friend of same age. I also saw some bad losers and threw pieces, but maybe sometimes there are people like that.

After which, my companion arrived (at last..) (T-T)

Friday Night

Here's the desert from Outback, Roppongi.Brownies
Outback Strawberry Cheesecake I'm really laughing because whenever I go to TGIFridays or Outback, there always a birthday. Yay! Happy Birthday... >_<>

The cheese cake taste better, IMO. I don't like sweet things that much , but the cheese cake is not that sweet. and it is very big, good enough for 5 - 6 people.

After dinner, we went to GasPanic. I think this place is much livelier than Motown and I feel like this is for younger people too. The music, light,smoke is cool. But if you are not holding a drink next to you, you need to get out.
We tried to dance a like, then I saw another indian again, touching japanese. I tried to purposely blocked him because the girl is running away from him. I know it is quite mean of me to do this and sometimes my friend are worried about me when I make "Jama" to such things.

But sometimes, it can't be prevented. There are foreigners, who thinks Japanese people go there to meet them. While in some part it can be true, I hope everyone know their limits, as to where to stop. I'm really feel sick seeing Japanese girls moving away (because they're shy to say NO, or maybe by saying NO will not work either), and being constantly chased by some pervy foreigner.
So, if you would happen to visit Roppongi, just an advice. Know your limits. Japanese go there to unwind from stress, some really look for partners, but if they show signs no interest of you, just leave them alone, they want to find others. Don't push your luck.

A(H1N1) attacks DLSU : An outbreak of Swine Flu in Philippines?

It was yesterday I was informed by a close friend who goes to La Salle that A(H1N1) outbreak paid their school a visit. 2 Japanese exchange student who visited La Salle last May 25 (A japanese female) starting new term . After 3 days, signs of A(H1N1) of showed, and just yesterday the news broke.

DLSU, in response to this, decided to suspend classes for 10 days.

more reading here

Tool Request

Out of boredom, I would start to accept tool request. Just tell me what you have to accomplish and don't give me deadline (unless you are willing to pay, that's another story).

I'll develop these tools for those who are not technically savvy. I'll just post here the request (and some name, depending on your requirement). and another thing, I'll just develop for those using Microsoft OS(es). I think it can also run in Linux environment (you have to install Mono),but for now I don't want much trouble and just want to offer some hand.

Finally: some additional savings

12,000 yen from Japanese Govt

I just checked my bankbook, and look what I got. The 12,000 yen is already there. やった!This can add to my savings. It took some time, maybe about 1 or 2 months wait after I sent my copy to the city hall.

If only I can get myself a credit card here. Too bad, my employer seems paranoid about me having a credit card. I just want to have something for my e-wallet....

anyway, I'll just hope next time will be OK.

Free Diamonds at Mauboussin , in Ginza

Afternoon, I walked in Ginza and wondered why there are people all lined up in a store. I didn’t see this place before so I assume this is new. Afterall, Japanese people fall for new things

And when I asked what is it all about, they said the store is giving away free diamonds. “WHOA”. I only have 1 hour so I didn’t bother joining them, although I was tempted a bit. They said it was a French franchised diamond store, Mauboussin (an old lady said it is pronounced Mabousan)


The tiny free diamonds worth 5000 yen, and the store is encouraging people to have their free diamond to be made into rings or accessories starting roughly at 50,000 yen

I just smiled and walked away while looking at my bank book.

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