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Web Dev Matters and Me

Philippines amids issues, calamities, etc.

After recent typhoons that hit Philippines, we're still experiencing slightly depressed weather and also moods. Just by looking at the news, we can see the damages these recent typhoons have left, especially in Agriculture businesses. It seems like typhoons get a little bit devastating over years, it was 2 years ago since we got hit by Ondoy (Intl' name Ketsuna), and now we had Pedring (Nesat), which is followed by two typhoons (Quiel and Ramon).

I'm writing this again on a sleepless night, and recalled a conversation with my two co-workers. we discussed about the recent rallying (planking) by jeepney drivers association, who did a mass, metro-wide strike in an effort to ask for higher fares fee and lower gasoline price. Sometimes, I'm getting sick of hearing the same stuffs where they don't care about the aftermaths of their doings.

As of the current post, standard fare was 8.00PHP. For me, if there are other modes of transportation, I would least prefer riding a jeepney. Why? I experienced great annoyances and discomfort when I ride them. I'm not a jeepney hater btw, I had a close friend who lives on a jeepney family business. I just don't feel like paying the fare is really worth when:

1. The driver have to make a stop at a gasoline station to refill gas while the passengers are there, when it can be done before. For me, it was really an act of disrespect to passengers. Ever heard a saying that if you take time from someone without their conscent, you are stealing money from them.

2. The driver calls that there are still available seats, but when you take a step inside, you'll see that it was really a small spot where you can't even sit comfortably. You have to squat inside until somebody disembark the vehicle. And if you decided not to ride, the driver will make the jeepney move, forcing you to just squat there...

3. Stopping anywhere and waiting like it is OK for passengers to waste their time! If Metro Manila only have the subways of Tokyo Metro, nobody will have to ride on these jeepneys.

As for the planking issue, they might feel bad about taxation things and complains about their taxes, but how about us who works on IT firm, including those who work on call-centers, BPO firm, etc. On every 15th and 30th of the month, there are no other thing that drives us mad other than looking at our payrolls, with high Gross pay and a low resulting net pay, then face the horror of the amount of tax deducted.... (T-T). Apparently, I believe that most of the contributions on income taxes came from IT/BPO/CallCenter industries, yet we don't even raise a strike and stop from doing our work. In fact, I wish we could just do, but by thinking of the work we do and the sincerity to deliver quality output, we just end up grinding our teeth and hoping that one day, our taxes will work for us.

Each time these jeepney drivers strike, we have difficulties going to work and return to home. The problem here is that, when they strike do they know where to direct all their issues? It seems like they are barking the wrong tree here... I hope they just go rally in front of the house of the person responsible for their sufferings... and do some planking there. Those people are just drinking wine, watching TV and laughing how they do their act. If they do this again some other day, it will be the same, because these people responsible for their problems don't even need to ride a public utility vehicle, because they own a lux car... yes, those are probably from hard extracted taxes....

HttpRequests, Browser, UI Invokes, asynchronous ways in Silverlight 4.0

I had difficulties making HttpRequests/Response handling in Silverlight since it most of the events are asynchronous by nature. It all rooted on a task that involves data to be exported on CSV format. This is really easy (first approach) as I only have to format it accordingly using commas, but unfortunately this was not the case. SaveFileDialog must be invoked on a UI thread, meaning constructing it on non-UI event handlers will throw an exception (must be User invoked), which makes sense since we're dealing with client side here and placing files on a client side without the user's conscent is like planting something wicked on their machine.

With this, I have decided to just have Silverlight post to a server then store those data on the context of Application's Cache. With this, I don't need to worry about getting the stream and deal with the security. So, I did a quick handler hack. At first, I made a synchronous one. After I got it working, I considered a concurrent user request performance and converted it to asynchronous. I noticed slight difference here. The file received from a synchronous handler indicates the complete size of the file, while asynchronous handler don't. It doesn't affect how the request is handled, meaning if your usual query for a resource took 5 seconds, asynchronous handler can't change that. The performance benefit takes place when multiple users performs the same query. Since it doesn't have to wait for the handle to process the request and instead start on a new thread, it offers better performance.

But, I have to write HttpRequest, then another HttpRequest after the asynchronous callback fires, where I can write POST datas, then submit it again and take the response back. It was really different on what I used to do in web, but somehow I starting to find a bit of liking to it.

Things that I found useful:

Dispatcher.BeginInvoke();// Use anonymous method to invoke or set properties

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