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Web Dev Matters and Me

getting my hands dirty on Silverlight 4

I was too busy doing silverlight 4 related works that I'm unable to blog here. And since it was a client-side application, I don't have to worry much about the control states , unlike web development , but still I prefer doing web development since I'll have some time reading those MCTS learning kit while doing some quality deliverables of work.

Anyway, I'm able to familiarize myself that controls without actual click or selectedindexchanged events are only solid on their borders. Filtering datas from DomainDataSource is quite a pain, since nested filters doesn't work with DDS... unless one can bear with a ContainedIn method with non-accurate result and the asynchronous way of loading data, I missed Dataset based manipulation, although it seems that Microsoft believed that DomainDataSource is the right direction and Datasets are history.

Another thing that gave me sleepless nights are the the SaveFileDialog objects. These things protect client side things that sometimes they are a pain to deal with. For example, if I have an asynchronous data from DB or from a Service call, and I need to save the result of the query or service call somewhere in the client PC. Showing the SaveFileDialog in non-UI related events (like button click, selected index changed, etc) will throw an exception that "Dialog must be user initiated".

I understand that Silverlight was a client-side application and if SFD won't do it like this, client PC are at big risk to malicious things, but because of this restriction, it is hard or maybe impossible to keep the saving and loading of data in sync, even with sleeping threads, on assumption that it runs on different thread..

I hope they made some fix for those issues in SL 5.0

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