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Web Dev Matters and Me


...i've woken up just as few minutes after sleeping. i had a bad dream about a mistake i had in the past... it was really complicated and would rather to keep the whole story to myself..

...but then, because of it,I had a wake up call, maybe call it a wish, as it is something not practical...

..it had me thinking a lot, some things not even applicable to me, and plain randomness..

...for us living in Philippines, a country not even a part of G-7,G-20 or even Transpacific Partnership, we always have with us the reputation of living in poverty, sometimes it even hurts me much when people (non Filipino) look at us like it is bad to live like us...

...Then I was able to recall the days when I was still in Tokyo, I had visited probably hundreds of Filipino houses living with married Japanese man. For a Japanese man, he can probably take care of the Filipina, provide her with everything their family will ever need... but for a Filipino man's case, it might be a out of a Japanese woman's living conditions, knowing how life in Tokyo and typical city in Manila can be compared to summer and winter.

...I had hoped for something I don't fully understand, way back then, I was emotional and very prone to make mistakes because of it...

...It feels right, so do it, it doesn't have a shade of lie, so say it. without thinking what could happen, i had things decided just like that, as if im merely tossing a coin...

...maybe those thoughts are what keeps me uneasy,




ただ、君のお陰で自分の目標が見つけられた と言いたかっただけだ。。。あと、心からありがとう。


...hope the nightmare ends.

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