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Web Dev Matters and Me

End of Ghost month?

Ghost month seems to have ended and stocks are starting to move north making new highs. I think stock price will continue this movement up to next year.

I'm still holding on to OIL stock that I'm keeping even on the dips. I took that opportunity to add consistently every month, regardless of the hearsay, the scary rumors on forums, and the consistent bragging of co-traders who gained significantly high just by day trading.

I friend suggested to me a tool for day trading called the Pivot Analysis Tool. I think this is a good starting point for those who don't have much time to look on the chart like me. Last week, I added some of RFM using this tool and I was surprised to see huge volume of unserved bid on closing, buying at the same price that I have. 

Also, another thing worth reading about investment is this article on inquirer's website.


although, it did not mention stocks, I think there are many stocks out there that can offer big gains with less risk, considering your investment period would be from medium-long term. 


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