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Web Dev Matters and Me

Status for Week Ending October 5 2012

There is no more stressing than analyzing CDRs field by field... it was like a nightmare recurring over and over again, just like stressful days I had in Tokyo, that nobody can explain the business rules...

More Websites de-faced by "Anonymous:Philippines"?

After the commotion dragged by the issue rooted from Senator Sotto , more Philippines government related websites (.gov.ph domain names) are either taken down or defaced. I myself feels that the anti-cybercrime law is too much and should re-define the scope. I'm not saying it without thinking, just like those who approved it into law. So, how about we try a scenario here and let's try to justify it...

My question here... What if they are in China? Can you still arrest them, when you can't even arrest those who are in Philippines EEZ?

When PH and China is on the height of tension, website defacement occured for both PH and China domains. How come when Japan and China had the same issue, there wasnt a single report of website defacement? I can speculate that it is only a group, same group who hacked PH domain and china domains. Isnt it easy to put a Chinese flag in it to claim it was done by China? Japan has good hackers, so does China. China usually do DDOS attack than to deface as website. get what I mean?

And isn't this a crime? Spamming! Look at the date it was sent (October 2) and look at the promo on the mail body... LOL

Cyber-crime law states that online libel should be punishable by imprisonment up to 12 years in jail. But an actual libel is only punishable by 2 years? "Ano sila, Komedyante?" (What are they, comedians?)

I don't know what to say on this one... maybe those who are on feet of Mr. "I-am-not-informed" Christopher Lao (who is now a respectable lawyer, a product of his hard-work), Road-Rage Driven Robert Carabuena  and maybe let's put inline those who wanted to be in the list of hall-of-fame, Mr. Sotto himself, may have felt how it feels to be a victim of online mobs. Although most would probably shout on my face that, "Kung ayaw nila kainisan ng mga tao, eh di umasal sila ng tama!" , the damage that it could do might be really bigger than what actual libel can do.

For example, if person A told to some people that person B is involved in a criminal act that could be damaging to person B (I know it doesn't matter if it is true or not, as long as it brings damage to person B, emotional or mental well-being), person A can be sued for libel.

But what if person A used the internet to relay that information. Compared to just saying it or passing a note, the reader is the world. Words can be forgotten, maybe tomorrow, next week, next month, but a content on the web may be stored for a life time, supposedly it gets cached, or reproduced by other people. The mode of spreading the information is exponential, and can't be compared to just saying it. So, is it justifiable to serve longer term in jail?

Blogging netizens are all aware of Brian Gorell's hate blog(delfindjmontano.blogspot.com) where he bashed DJ Montano and his circle of friends. We never knew what really happened before that, but the post in there totally full of hatred and I can't imagine how the people involved in there felt. So, how can this law apply if the attacker is not in the Philippines? 

I'm a developer and have lived my years working in the internet world. No matter how they involve NBIs, police, etc... This thing will just become another law for the financially-able. On the above example, what if person A posted it on the internet (not just facebook), then fly outside the Phillippines, can they ask the Interpol and coordinate with FBI to drag person A back to Philippines for the violation of CyberCrime law, for posting in their facebook, etc? I'm 100% certain it won't happen. Is the law still equal?

Also, what if A just bought a laptop somewhere, connect in mall's wifi, posted the messages there and moved to another mall? Will they able to track A? Using their MAC address (LOL)? Or maybe the government is planning to ask all the Filipinos to install a client-side program in their laptop/computer? Wait, is this Windows? How about Linux/MAC ? (ROFL)...

The more I am seeing things, and Christmas is about to come too, it might get abolished on or before Christmas day. Now they are making it sounds like a privilege now, when it is a right for everyone to express themselves. The commotion on this CyberCrime law feels like it was done on purpose to divert the public's attention from the previous issue (with China, with close friends who are involved in some fraud)... Is the campaign for "Its more fun in the Philippines" will all end in vain?

Most Filipino people's hope might have ended in vain, as they see the people they have placed on government pedestal shame themselves. 

But sometimes, people too doesn't know to be responsible on things that they can do.. A good example is this screenshot from my phone. Where a tweet involves the presidential sister herself.

Being a public figure has lots of advantage and disadvantage. On the good things, they can have power to influence a bigger audience, but if they make a mistake, they either get hated or become a laughing stock of their supporters. 

Even a part from Sun Tzu (Art of War) values the facade of a person...

Speaking of China, it seems the tension cools a little bit ... or maybe it have turned COLDER (like on Cold War).

As stated on their art of War, the deceptive one wins the war. Could this be still an act of deception?

I hope the Philippines can start the oil exploration on the Recto Bank. PXP has been really low from the highs (46). Philex PX is asked to pay 1B php for the leak they never wanted :( . I hope the government would open its eye too, because one of the biggest business in the Philippines is Mining. Just imagine the investment money it can pump to Philippines economy. And now that PX will be closed for the year, SSS who owns 22% of Philex is planning to increase the fees? Milking the working force for more money?? Is it still fun in the Philippines?

Now that Philippines received UN support, will it be able to proceed exploration on areas around EEZ?

Just as exciting OIL is, gold is moving on to its previous Highs again. Looking at the news will tell you how they badly want gold now....


Omico Corporation Warrants plummeted after the disclosure that it would delist from PSE. It reached floor price, and only see BPI buying at floor price...feel sorry for those who buyed the warrants stocks.

I loaded another set of stocks from RFM to APM (Alcorn Gold Resource). I guess this one isnt for me because I unloaded and it even reached ceiling price on Close... how sad :( but the funds I had was invested to OV, which moved a tick up from my buy... 

So, moral lesson of the day would be....

Or otherwise,Philippines economy has lots of growth to go.

Philex is still profitable, I think....


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