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Web Dev Matters and Me

Configuring website rules in IIS Manager

Managing websites can be a pain in the neck. Sometimes you'll find yourself fixing some broken links, editing style sheets because of routing side-effects and even managing bandwidth limit. You probably won't be fit for a web admin task if you can't make a solution for all of those things. Good thing there are few tips that you can do now.

Managing routing in IIS 7.0 is really easy. While there are options to use wildcards, I found that regular expressions solve most of my routing problems. You can even just upload a file, point all request to that file during site maintenance. You can also make SEO friendly URL, and make the real querystring request unknown to site visitors, just don't forget to make rules in robot.txt and add a canonical link to the preferred URL.

And the bandwidth problems. Actually, you can solve this in two ways. You can just check the referrer either in IIS or the code behind and make a response. it is very simple.


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