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Web Dev Matters and Me

Web Optimizations

I just deployed the web project that took almost 3 months to deploy, thanks to the CC problems I had. Things seems to be fine and I think I would be spending some time to write some contents.

But before that, I wanted to optimize few things that are not visible until it was deployed in a shared remote server.

The web project has volatile layout that changes every request. Colors, pictures, etc. Making these request can take some time, and may hurt loading time if the files needed for rendering UI will not be loaded properly.

Good thing, you set some file extensions to be cached which can be done on the Output Caching module of IIS manager. All you have to do is to provide all the UI things that won't be changed for quite some time, like view JS, CSS, some jpg/png.

Another thing to consider is the compression, though the dynamic compression doesn't work well on my web project as it treat the last line of my HTML to be a part to be removed. It was bizarre, but I got that figured out after testing the rendered HTML many times.

I also disabled session state, since most of the actions are just database retrievals.

The last optimization I'm considering is to make the code manageable. Design patterns apply here ^_^;

Currently reading Dummy series for Design patterns and realized that,

 hey, that is not really hard, you got me there!


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