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Web Dev Matters and Me

Routing web traffic

With few SEO things I had in mind, I'm able to produce big changes from site deployment that took about 1 month. Although I'm a bit surprised about the result, I'm not yet satisfied since I believe there is a much better way of having these figures.

So, the problem here actually isn't the traffic routing capability. It is easy to find potential web visitors that may find your site interesting, but the real problem is in the server itself. Is it powerful enough to process all the request, or end up like the famed slashdot effect. Actually, minus the slashdot traffics, the site I host somewhere failed to accept new request. And locked itself up.

Of course support people won't admit, that it was their fault but I should expect this for a shared hosting. Bandwidth isn't the issue, it was the server that can't handle much of consecutive request happening at the same time. Security wise, I think SNS can take websites down, especially small fry ones, who can only afford to host websites on cheap shared hosting.


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