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Get XML results for your Query (SQL 2008)

I'm still find it hard to squeeze all available optimization on my site. I successfully had facebook plugins in it after trying, and now I'm staring at the SQL Server database, which can be a potential bottleneck to my web app.

So, maybe it would be nice if I can simply get my query as XML and pass it directly to be rendered. This will eliminate additional mappings and will free me some rendering process too, which is sweet! ^_^

So, how to do it? Very simple...just use "FOR", "XML PATH" and TYPE

so, in this sample query...

         SELECT 'TEST Title' as title
        ,'SAMPLE Description' as [description]
        XML PATH(''),

will produce 

<title>TEST Title</title>
 description SAMPLE Description </description

Simply replace the hard-coded string to column-names and you're making XML queries in no time. So, instead of mapping everything to some object/classes, I'll have this coupled by the presenter page to the view. Now, the only problem I have is to wait for weekends to continue doing my xslt site.



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