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Web Dev Matters and Me

Learning Silverlight 4.0 from 1.0

Finally! Maybe I should thank my previous manager. Now I have this much awaited chance to continue my Silverlight 1.0 experience to Silverlight 4.0 and maybe 5.0. When Silverlight was on pilot version, I was enthusiast enough to apply it to a task, 2008 (I'm still on Tokyo that time). It was completely a client-side thing, that I have to make AJAX request just to make a server-side request and back to XAML.

I noticed the great addition since version 1.0. There are many controls now, which I also expected. I remember my nostalgic 1.0 days making animations using simple ellipses, rectangles, some fills and few images. Now, there are controls. I'm starting to feel that, it was like an ASPX/Windows Form hybrid which have mutated over time , but for good.

But, I still have something that I'm expecting Silverlight team to draw. I'm sure every youtube fans already know that they can record a video using their computer's built in camera and have it uploaded in youtube servers. I've long expected Silverlight to have this, without having users make a custom control, at least for the part that accepts the data binaries and have it collected at serverside (like aspx posted file, or wcf way).

Or maybe, I'll just implement one, if I can grab some reference on how to use video devices and have the stream buffered and then send to server.



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