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Trading Status - Week Ending 01-27-2012

... this week was really exciting and full of surprises. As people have seen LC/B sunk in dips, it recovered easily from 1.8 to 1.87, that gave a big profit already for those who are into short term with LC/B.

Funny here that, PX shares have matched although the display didn't update, or am I lucky at getting these views? hahaha. Just by one look, we can see that Philex Mining (PX) are in bullish trend which could last for months. I think this is a good entry point for those who are planning to buy, before the 4th quarter press release (or I should say, Praise Release) gets into news, as it will push the price even higher. Caveat for this and decide at your own risk :).
Nihao (Ni) on the other hand seems very volatile and too risky to touch. Just for fun, I invested small amount of money here, at the time of writing this post and at 4 days holding, I'm only at less than 200PHP loss :D, but I would prefer to buy Philex than this one. RSI for this is really telling us, that it is oversold. As expected of a JAP stock and one of the best jock player in PSE. (be warned)

Jollibee (JFC) and Universal Robina (URC) are both food stocks I'm eyeing at 89.5 and 50 respectively.Jollibee ended at 96 today in consecutive 2 day bull and URC too at 53.6.

Utility stocks are also great. Meralco (MER) was on the dips yesterday at 263 and closes at 274 today. that's almost 5% in just a day. Manila Water got me interested that it moves with less volatility but with less gain. Still, I think this is good because it has less risk compared to reward you can get. Utilities, especially MER is great, since it is a monopoly in Philippines and everybody need these utility companies.

Also, for those who are hearing market rumors, please do your homework and verify if the source is credible. I've heard rumors from a forum I'm in. This guy always post charts about PX and says it will go up, as shown in the charts he post. But as soon as PX hits 24, he sold all his position then said that it will go down back to 23... Who is his buyer?? His believers... poor believers, there is a book called "Technical Analysis for Dummies", yet they fall prey to the false prophet....

Today is friday night and I might get out somewhere to enjoy my small gains in trading :D


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