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Web Dev Matters and Me

Bloody 13th of Friday (01-13-2012)

As I've got myself a good position on some of my lists, today was a bearish trade day. PNB was still good at 63.9 until somebody dumped at 63.2, but I believe PNB will move up, since the PNB-Allied Bank merger is still on early stage and might hit trade price of 70 soon. Mining was also hit today,and I would like to mark these prices because we might never see them again next week, after LCB breaks 2 TP. Unfortunately, the local share LC has strong resistance around 1.79-1.82 price. :(

Meralco seems to have good support and when it traded at 257, I'm pretty sure that it was just a test of support. 

Seems like new HIs will be recorded on monday.(^_^)


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