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Web Dev Matters and Me

What doesn't kill, makes one stronger

Due to market volatility, and the bad news about greeks debt last week, the market was in a selling spree. JAP stocks got hurt badly, and I even lost quite some money around 80K php estimates on my positions for NI, ORE and GEO. But last friday, it proved that it cannot stand the selling spree anymore and marked a good reversal indicator (^_^)

Also, I'm eyeing for stocks like this one.

but since, it is not yet official, I think the price will rally after March 8,2012 which is the expected annual meeting for this stock. 

PGOLD too seems to just made a critical SPL. I'm pretty sure swing traders knew what will happen next week.

Everyone is into OV too, since OIL and GOLD seems to create another new high.

Setting the market things aside, I'm given a task to track  click request for all FAQ files. This web application must able to log info about the user who clicked the link, the link that was clicked, the time it was clicked, etc. Somebody suggested to use some parsing, but I believe this is like eating soup with a fork, so I simply suggested tracking cross request in Application's Authenticate Request.

Well, it can be on Begin Request, but since we need to identify the user who clicked the link, it has to be on the Authenticate Request, just after the begin request occurred. It lies on the System.Security.Principal namespace.

While things seems to be sweet-sailing on my dev (and as I thought it would be on the server), things didn't worked right. I have to identify the IIS version running on the server and the version of .NET framework... then gotcha, it was on IIS 6.0 all along and defaulted to .NET 2.0 (ouch), so no LINQ for now.

We asked the onshore engineer to allow us to access the test server and see if we can configure something. Earlier test showed that, by default, IIS 6 screens the file in request, then decide on it's own, not passing the info to ASP. I believed it was related to ASPNET_isapi.dll, but didn't catch that early as I'm doing an SSRS task on other hand as well. Seems like I can juggle, huh. LOL!

A little bit on how it was handled, IIS 6 (or maybe 5 too) by default screens static files. HTML,SHTML, css, etc. as long as it is not defined on the list of file types it can handle on the configuration, it will not pass the request information to any handler, so to speak. So it is important to configure the handler mappings, and have it point to

Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\[.NET VERSION HERE]\aspnet_isapi.dll

After configuring that, everything worked like a charm! I really love web dev.

Now to get back on my personal web dev. I'm supposed to enjoy a weekend now, but without the market to keep me awake, it would only be Web Dev for me. 


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