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C# - Windows form Combobox displays System.Data.DataRowView Instead of Display Member

I'm getting a query result, in terms of a DataTable/DataSet. Now, the problem here is that, on my ComboBox object, I already specified the display member and the value member. I'm also sure that the datatable/dataset has that column in the result.
Although I set all of these properties I still get "System.Data.DataRowView" displayed on all items.

Once an Item is displayed for the first time the value is OK but when I choose another item and the selected Item become inactive, its displayed text would show  "System.Data.DataRowView". 

I tried all the bindings, reset the selected index... but alas, to no avail.

Then, I realized that the part making it display all those System.Data.DataRowView is from the SelectedIndexChanged event. An exception there is preventing the binding to work properly. Correcting the code there fixed it.


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