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Web Dev Matters and Me

Setting Datagridview TexboxCell into multiline mode like a Textbox control

Once again, I'm having my sleepless afterwork stress... so I decided to open my computer and do some dev work to lessen the remaining task before deployment and content writing.

Fortunately, we can also set the texbox like column in datagridview control to be a multiline textbox, without adding codes to cast our controls.. All with the use of designer view. On the datagridview control, we have to locate the Collection property and choose the desired datagridviewtextboxcolumn. From there, we navigate on the DefaultCellStyle property and set the WrapMode to true.

Also, we have to set the AutoSizeRowsMode of the datagridview control to AllCells. 

After this, when we add or type contents to the cell, it will expand automatically. Sweet, isn't it?


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