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Web Dev Matters and Me

Week Ending November 30, December 1

It is no doubt that Philippines economy is slowly climbing up. Thanks to the effort of current administration that corruption is slowly being dealt properly. The growth of economy can be attributed to the government and people. It is a reflection of everyone's hope to reclaim Philippines as one of Asia's wealthy country. So, Philippines should speak slowly and carry a big stick on island disputes...

That said, this week has lots of events too.

I was planning on accumulating more Alliance Select stocks (FOOD), but it already break 2.1... it even reached 2.25. :( maybe I won't be able to get it at a price I wanted. My buying price for it was 50k shares at 1.97. It was the day's low when I bought and I never thought it would be hard to return at that level again. It was still a BUY at current levels though, but would be still focussed on buying it at a price I want. Since the company would most probably have their way to SG listing sooner, I think it could grow more in coming days.. hopefully I can buy slowly, if opportunity permits.

Lepanto Mining (LC/LCB) went down even more... I was eyeing to buy this stock, but with the mining issue still a taboo, it might be unable to end the downtrend movement yet. That was a little bit unexpected. LC was the public favorite back then last year, with everyone's hope on sealing a deal with Goldfields. 

BPI and PNB gets pumped up after a talk to make BPI the biggest bank in Philippines. We just had of PNB-Allied and now BPI-PNB? Why does Lucio Tan into selling business? PAL and now PNB... Anyway, the price seemed to have consolidated a litte for BPI and PNB. I saw a cross (doji) at BPI chart :(

APM is growing more. I find it funny how forum people are speculating that it will go down further, and/or just move sideways. I got mine at 11% gain and still holding it. I'll observe more if I can cost-average here.

DNL IPO is settled, so finally it was at 4.3 . Since only few has it, I think it has few shares and possible could spike the price up. That is supply and demand law. :) online brokers said it was already oversubscribed and only few will get a boardlot . I'm thinking if I will get some shares using small investors program, so hopefully I would have some time to do the paper works.

PSE system halted... LOL. due to technical problems. 

Im also trying to buy GREEN,bidding at 0.023. Some are lucky, but then maybe I'm late to buy this. There is already a huge volume traded at this price and yet, it wont reach 0.022. 5% difference might be OK.

Philodrill (OV) breaks 0.4, and even touched 0.038. Wonder what's going on. I know the company is doing well, but I'm sure that the current exchange rate having strong peso is bad for their operations here, since the expenses are in peso and the income they generate is in US dollars. They might have some losses in value of USD-PHP, i think.

The Calata trade fraud investigation finally had people involved on the manipulation on list. Sure, they might have done it but how about the people who lost the money? :( can they still return it? I don't want to say it in a bad way, but I think the government only wants them to pay some fine. 

EEI is still a good stock for cost averaging, no doubt. :) with quarterly dividends, sure it is. It is also on a good bullish trend.

Christmas in few more days. Time sure do fly! I wonder if there will be a market selldown on December 21 2012. LOL!

Happy trading! (^_^)


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