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Web Dev Matters and Me

Commotion with BHI and SMC???

For those who might be wondering where in BHI disclosure is it, it was on the map... You cant find it because not even an airport is included in the PDF disclosure. it was an image after all...

SMC replied immediately, just after the disclosure (^_~). 

The only thing I can see here is that, SMC is protecting the reputation of the company. Just imagine  if their name appears on that project, and people had high hopes on it, only to some later point, people won't be seeing a San Miguel Airport in there... It will just lead to disappointment. I'm not sure on the impact of that to BHI though as some traders/investor are already branding them as liars... even posting #BHILayer on local forums... (a parody of #amalayer girl) LOL...


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