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Using Null values in SqlParameters Parameters.AddWithValue method.../ Stock Picks 2013



I did some little experiment using

Parameters.AddWithValue("paramName", null);


Parameters.AddWithValue("paramName", DBNull.Value);

Now, those doesn't have the same effect. the first one would make the parameter "paramName" not supplied  and will definitely throw an exception if there is no default value assigned on the procedure, while the last one will supply the parameter "paramName" with a NULL value.


The new-year phonomena started again, but not like it was when 2012 started. As usual, Ayala Corporation (AC) hits even higher while granting dividends on the first trading day. The Ayala businesses have been doing really great except for the Telco unit (GLO), but we can see that even its big rival (TEL) is also moving sideways since 2012. A little disappointment to all investors who hoped it would hit 3000 by March 2012 as JP Morgan predicted.

There are few basuras hoped by many believers of a local forum that seems to be giving everyone some early spook as it is growing bigger... I mean the paper loss... stocks like PHES, GREEN, MARC, BHI, OV and some very volatile stocks that some experienced traders call "basura".

...When the stock price fall and prompted me to cut-loss I'll have no regrets, besides I already had that in mind that when you buy it, you are at your own.. I would feel awful if you happen to cut-loss on a stock that you really don't know but you bought just because some reputable guy at a local forum said it was a buy....

...the question, is that guy a savior or a pied piper who will lure you to financial doom instead of success?

looking at good stocks that might be good in coming months. Alliance Select (FOOD) might be good, but as I see it, it is still trading sideways 1.9-2.04. I may have trusted more into this stock if wasn't on a trading day spook that happened. It was already "Trading-At-Last" and the price was at 2.01, I planned to buy the next day since it might already had a good support at 2 or above. I closed my broker account and started to work. I assumed it will close  2.01 or 2, but then I was surprised to see it at 1.96. At first I  thought it was an error on the broker site, but when I checked on the PSE website, then it seems there is someone who wants to bring the price down. So, i changed my plan and decided to observe more. Fundamentally, this has high chance of getting the price doubled or trippled, but then greed can corrupt our mind and thinking it like this will cloud our judgement. Besides, there are many good performing companies listed in PSE but their stocks doesn't speak the same. Still, on my watch list. Might buy when it is above 2.3 to be sure.

Another thing is Alcorn Gold (APM) which will change its name to Cosco. Lucio Co owns majority of the stocks, and being a success person behind PureGold, many are hoping that this stock is currently undervalued despite having its price moved to more than x10 (from 0.017). But if they trust Mr. Co too much, then maybe they should buy Puregold (PGOLD) instead.

Those who prefer cost-averaging took bluechips and other slow but more stable stocks like Ayala Corp (AC), Ayala Land (ALI), EEI Corp (EEI), Universal Robina Corp (URC), Manila Water Corp (MWC), etc. Some also had hopes that incoming election will push the media stocks price higher which is good for ABS-CBN/GMA.

...let's hope for a good 2013 :)


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