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Beware of Credit Card Scams used in Fitness Gyms

I didn't cared much about this until later when I got my Credit card charged with un-Authorized transactions. To share this, I enrolled to a Fitness Gym. At first, I was hesitant to use my credit card but with good salestalk, I was blinded by the freebies provided for those who will register, and also avail their promo. Then, after I got everything OK, I was approached by one of their staff. I was told that there are other members who want to join, but don't have a credit card. So, this staff explained to me that they just need some credit card to be registered with their registration, so they can avail their promo but no charges will be sent to my credit card, as it will be nullified on purpose (Was explained to me that, they will just charge 1 peso and cancel the transaction, so no charges will be sent.). I'm just tired and really want to call it a day, so I said, OK but be sure that I won't have any trouble with this, which the staff expressively said "yes, absolutely no problem!".

I received my billing for that month and I didn't receive any charges, so I believed that they really nullified the transaction. Then, the other day I was again asked for it. Since we have done that before, and it really didn't gave me any trouble, I agree to lend my card again, so that another batch of joiners can avail the promo.

But then, just as the next month started (because they charge every 1st day of the month), I was surprised to be called on attention when I was about to enter the gym premises. The receptionist was asking me to pay my monthly due plus penalty fee for not making it on time (credit card charge). I said, my monthly fee is supposedly charged to my card every month. How come I have to pay for it, when I'm already paying for it on my card? The receptionist told me that my credit card rejected their billed transaction for that month, hence I was forced to pay plus the additional penalty fee.

I was furious and rushed my way back home to call on my credit card agent. To my surprise, I saw 4 different transaction made on my credit card (excluding my monthly fee). This was also the reason why my card reached the limit and rejected incoming charges. I was really mad and informed the staffs who borrowed my card. Then they explained that it wasn't suppose to happen. So, I asked for them to pay the dues... Then, I was told that they are asking for payments from the other members, which they told me that was in Cebu (the gym was in Metro Manila). There was in no way to make the payment other than to wait for them to pay. At first, a staff even ask me to get the payments from them! WTF!!!! I was really mad and said, why do I have to do it?! I don't even know them, and yet they used my credit card for them? With the recurring charges, I was even asked to cancel my own credit card and apply for a new one! I was really damn pissed.....I didn't like the idea, but when I inquired for my credit card balance, it only made me more furious to know that, 2 more charge are done plus the penalty fee for those two charge, amounting to 14,200 PHP.  Immediately, I phoned the credit card agent, agreed to pay 400php fee for credit card renewal....

I'm not sure whether I will be paid or not, but I hope my experience will serve a lesson to everyone. I will post update here about the incident...


raket yan ng market coordinators ng fitness first


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