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Web Dev Matters and Me

Frustration in XML+XSLT

Had a hard time developing my site. One of doubting challenge would be SEO. We all know (ok, maybe not really), that a site is friendly to search engines when contents can be "somehow" readable to the search engine crawlers. The site I'm making now is not for a popular brand that people already know. So, every web crawler's effort is appreciated.

If we send the data thru XML, we are sending the raw information using our own format. Google, Yahoo or Bing won't know that a text I've enclosed with some name tags is for, other than it is a readable text, something that can be matched with related informations.

So, the present that XML data to a human user, we have to transform it HTML that the browsers can understand, using XSLT. During testing, I have noticed that the browser caches few files, which made me conclude that, it really does save bandwidth problems for high-traffic sites.

 Added up with HTML5 (which gives me some real pain in the neck, thanks to stubborn as ever, IE), it is possible to make cool web UIs. I already up'ed the site, and will see in weeks how the contents result in major search engine results.


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