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Web Dev Matters and Me

Web Optimizations in a shared hosting environment

One of my hosted site receives concurrent visitors, and eventually goes down in few seconds. I never thought that it would be that bad, when most of the websites/web applications I've done runs smoothly in web servers where I deployed it. Just how many application pools are running in that shared server? Probably, hundreds? I tried to check for the specs, but unfortunately Diagnostics classes are prevented due to security policies (clients might close their site hosting from them if they realize that the server is crappy).

The biggest challenge here is to optimize everything. Instead of an object mapper, I'll just have the database return specific records, and perform minimal manipulation. Use limited variables and trim everything by size. ( I think that server runs approx 1MB - 100MB RAM for my application pool).

The page loads faster now, though still cant survive the slashdot effect.


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