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Web Dev Matters and Me

Problem with IE

On my recent web development, I've decided to implement XML+XSLT to save some server processing to render HTML contents. Also, I'm considering this for future maintenance, if ever I would need to change the layout, I'll simply change the XSL templates.The next time xml pages are loaded using that XSL transform file, the browser will not download it anymore and simply apply the transform locally. This also has the benefit of making information reusable. Since the information is already available as an XML document, anyone can simply make a Webrequest to a page URL, convert the stream into an XmlDocument, and information is there. I also decided to monitor all file request on my website. This is to get all site activity as much as possible,and make it invisible to user without specifying additional variables (session, querystring, form, viewstate or cookie).

I've tested this on FF, Chrome and IE9. Got it working, but when I tried it on IE 8, it made me sad that IE8 strips UrlReferrer of XSLT file. (other files do have their UrlReferer btw).

I can't make a big step to decide and assume that all visitors of my site won't be using IE8 or below. I think IE is still the most used browser, and it was already a fact. And another depressing fact is that, to install Internet Explorer 9, you need to upgrade to a more recent version of Windows *cough* 7. Yes,

IE9 is only available to Windows 7.

 Now, this has been an issue with Web Developers. Flash or Javascript? How many users would install or upgrade their Flash version just to have everything on your website rendering OK? I don't want to think that, I can have few visitors to install Windows 7 for me and have them use IE9.


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