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Installing Windows 7 : SUCCESS

I just finished installing Windows 7. It took me less than an hour just to get things installed and see the Windows 7 fighting fish wallpaper. And the sound is also perfectly fine, no need to get the drivers, unless I am really picky.
By checking things, I can tell that Microsoft really have done a good thing about Windows 7, compared to Vista. There are still the semi-eye candy thing, probably they just disabled aero feature from Vista, but it is still cool.

First, this is just to prepare for the VAIO Type P that I preordered. It is an owner made, running with Atom 550 (2.0Ghz), 256GB SSD HD, 2GB RAM. I took the Japanese keyboard, because the ENTER key is easier to hit and also, I want to type Japanese characters on my VAIO P as well. I also took the brown one over the typical silver, because the silver keyboard hits hard on fingertips while I feel much better typing on the brown keyboard. I also didn't take the Wireless WAN/GPS since I can live without it. It is binded to NTT Docomo but there are always some way to unlock it.

First is to make a portion of Windows 7 into my HD. This is where I will put those Windows 7 files and remove it afterwards.

After few minutes, the Fighting Fish wallpaper shows up!


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