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Web Dev Matters and Me

Error in PHP when accessing SQL Express

I started to play around with PHP - MSSQL when I bumped on an error that took me some time before I managed to find some fix. PHP is OK, all the functions, all green. But if I would try mssql functions, I would get 500 error (Internal Server Error) and even threw me a FastCGI Error, to which I really gave a laugh. FastCGI is sitting idly like an angel, while blame on it.

Then, I found the faulty part.

On the PHP folder, check the version of ntwdblib.dll file. If the version is like 2000.2.8.0 , just download the same file from a trustworthy source. I downloaded 2000.80.194.0 version of the DLL.

And things went OK.

Now time to convert all those things to PHP functions.

Here are the libraries I've done for ASP.NET.

Web Request (POST/GET/Redirect/Stream)

and If I can make it maybe even 80% of it in PHP, I would be sipping Java Chip F in any starbucks with my Type P.

Even just the rchWeb part.

Can't wait. ^-^


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