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Gundam RX78 : Sighted at Odaiba (Japan)


amuro ray's gundam odaiba

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the popular Anime series "Gundam", they placed this Amuro Ray Gundam unit here in Odaiba. This 18 meter model stands at Shiokaze Kouen in Odaiba Park.

We didn't went there just to see the unit, so I'm unable to take the illumination event. I noticed that the head can look up, sideways and a bit down. Everything looks realistic too, the lights, and the mist , whoa! Everyone can just say it is wonderful!

gundam rx78 odaiba

I wonder if they can make the advance units, like ZGMF-X19A or ZGMF-X10A in HiMat mode.

I'll post more pics and the actual footage, I can't upload them all since I'm not using the super fast wired internet. (*sigh*, maybe e-mobile is only good for mailing, surfing.. even a no for youtube uploads).

Gundam Odaiba


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