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Web Dev Matters and Me

Sony Vaio Type- P - Getting cheaper because of Windows 7?

I recently pre-ordered a Japanese Owner-Made VAIO Type-P. Although, they told me that it is within my responsibility if I install English OS on it, I just laughed and said "Hai, wakarimashita" with a grin on my face. Of course, I took the best specs.

For me, it doesn't matter which OS, because most probably I'll just be using it for writing web scripts that need to be done ASAP whenever, whereever I am. I also took the 256 SSD, so hope that I'll be making a walkthorough here, or else just cross my palm with silver and I'll it for you, Sony Vaio Type-P , English.

I also grabbed the e-mobile package, but somehow I feel a bit of regret. e-mobile took 30000 yen from the total amount, but I have to subscribe to their service for 2 years, which would cost me minimum of 2,480 yen to maximum of around 6900 yen. And if I cancel now, I have to pay them 60,000 yen. I can't hardly google a thing from my current location unless I step on a nearby starbucks.... wtf!

Can't wait to get my mini machine.


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