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Web Dev Matters and Me

Google add warning to PRC website as HARMFUL?

What the hell's going on? PRC website hacked by someone, that Google sees it as an offensive site?

Check the proof below. I verified this when a friend told me to check my name on google.
It seems that PRC's page got injected by codes that redirect to harmful sites. Maybe this is why google marked the page as "HARMFUL".

Not only that. Once you checked PRC website, the browser will either stop or warn you that the site is not safe and may cause something to your computer. I hope they do something about this even before google or other search engine delete their indexes on search engine results.Result from Firefox
PRC got hacked? Site reported as offensive - Mozilla FireFox

Result from Google ChromePRC got hacked? Site reported as offensive - Google Chrome

Result from IE. They even prevent the page from being displayed. I check my internet connection and it is perfectly OK. (In Tokyo, Japan)PRC got hacked? Site reported as offensive - Internet Explorer


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