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Web Dev Matters and Me

80% before deployment..

It's been weeks since I started the web project. So, now I'm in semi-testing, debug and fix mode. Every pictures now has the dynamic text I wanted plus rendering optimizations, which will improve once I uploaded it to the server, something faster than the development machine I'm using now. Also, I picked few SNS bookmarks, although there is hatena for japanese related contents. I'll consider adding it, after checking a week of web traffics.

I decided to just use on a flat database compared to the MS SQL 2008 DB (which is really small, so stiff that I have to develop an algorithm to just use 100MB of MS SQL DB as a buffer and rely on the physical storage as a database, thru an access file). It works as I expected until I decided to just keep the MS SQL 2008 DB for webservice that I might use in the future (probably for costing ads or review things...).

And URL encoding.. I know I should have, but for some reasons, I didn't (purposely)...

before asking me, please search in google for these words.

生産,seisan,produce, makejapanese sentence patterns |sayinjapanese

and, see the results while putting your attention on the "GREEN URL" part.

if you don't get it, just try making a sitemap with text like that and submit it to google, then try to fetch it as a googlebot. try it. it would be best if you do..

Just a few days more... I hope I can grab my credit/debit soon so I can up this as soon as possible. The worst case scenario is that, all banks will be close until January next year.....


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